TWDC Operational Budget 2007-2008 - Revenue (Total Revenue $531,740.00)

Submitted by Henry Senyak on Fri, 02/06/2009 - 16:15.

Please review the attached file that has a pie chart.

 Understand 72% of the funding comes from the City of Cleveland CDBG - Federal Tax Dollars and from NPI (Neighborghood Progress Inc.)

$56,240.00 - CDBG Competitive (This is the Money via contract they get from the City of Cleveland Community Development Dept. via contract) 11%

$120,000.00- CDBG Ward 13 (This is Money from Joe Cimperman's yearly cut of $400,000.00 in HUD money) 23%

 $86,000.00 - CDBG Ward 14 (This is Money from Joe Santiago's yearly cut of $400,000.00 in HUD money) 14%

$125,000.00 - Funding from Neighborhood Progress Inc (SII Funding - they get money from the Cleveland Foundation and the Gund Foundation) 24%

How much of this money goes to help poor people in the TWDC Community?

Again lets review the Articles of Incorporation for TWDC

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