two warring factions within the CIA - rogue element within CIA that spread it’s tentacles into FBI other Intelligence operations

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During and after WWII the OSS (now the CIA) was infiltrated by the KGB,shortly thereafter in the early 50′s and thenceforth the MOSSAD also heavily infiltrated the CIA. As a consequence of these compromises and infiltration there grew a “rogue” element within the CIA that spread it’s tentacles into the FBI and other Intelligence operations, all along having this “rogue” entity growing and maintaining secrecy even within the Intelligence community. Now and then you have honest and upright agents discovering this infection after which many have been “neutralized” or silenced. It was inevitable that sooner or later many of the honest and patriotic agents would combine to oppose and fight this rogue element within their ranks which has accumulated much power and position, even within the Administration with alliances.

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Russian Doomsday Weapons To Syria : Putin

I found this next interesting tidbit from Duff to be VERY INTERESTING and it tells a lot about what’s now happening all over America with whistleblowers and truth starting to ooze out from every corner
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