Unholy Alliances and GREED

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Euclid Sun Journal April 24, 2008 p. A1Euclid Sun Journal April 24, 2008 A7

Yesterday, I ran into a worthy candidate for a Cleveland office who despite his best efforts made very little headway in getting voters to take note of his message...and so it goes.  We continue to elect and cover for the worst of the worst.  Today's Brent Larkin editorial is more of the same:


What the PD will not acknowledge is that under "fake saint" Jim Rokakis, hefty tax scofflaws like friends Lou Frangos, brother of Land Bank Gus Frangos, got away for years and millions in $$$ tax delinquencies on mulitiple properties.  Ditto for Gus Frangos.  Ditto for the folks who picked up properties flipped by Plymouth Park Tax Services and qualified for CMHA section 8 rental funds, despite not paying the taxes on these properties for years. 

Meanwhile, whole neighborhoods (like "is that a camera-can I get more face time?" Brancatelli's Slavic Village) have been emptied of homeowners who worked their whole lives to own their homes outright--folks, who were tossed out of their homes (for the smallest of property tax liens) by outfits like Safeguard.  And, demo contractors like Lightning made out and continue to make out with the contracted flow of federal dollars paid to them to demolish "shape" neighborhoods earmarked for more state and federal dollars like East Cleveland's Greater Circle and the Opportunity Corridor's forgotten Triangle.

Great--more lies and more national coverage of Cleveland as a cesspool of corruption...thanks PD!


by ANGELnWard14 December 18, 2011 10:10 PM EST
Community Development Corporations (CDC's) funded through HUD grants which trickle through cities like Cleveland city Council have been a direct player in this entire scheme as well....the 36 year cycle which has been abused by not for profit administrators that are codependent on annual funding allocations has made this a real "Political" playing field(endorsements/bribes, etc.). CDC's live large planning, stategizing, networking, and implementing ALLEGED plans for the future and completing rehabber type work in the communities to build low to moderate income housing with federal dollars...but in many cases; it results in housing developments that are far outside the "affordable costs" of the demographic populaces that they were allegedly built to serve. Humorously, once the devastation came in the aftermath of defaults.....they found a new way to get rich quick....investing in the demo business.... Funny part...all along the City and County Planning Commissions were implementing long term visions and cycles of deprivation of CDC funding to TARGET (Low Income) AREAS.....why? Because they knew long ago that the real plans were to DEMO those exact neighborhoods for things like Highways and Green Space Parks (Unknowing citizens were caught in this trickbag for years. They went to solicit assistance from these CDC's and were denied (unknowingly) on "LOCATION" alone.).....Through the years, the politicians steered out the citizens who questioned the practices and soon---you had a free for all of corruption and backs being scratched for profit by these leaders....Gentrification became the game....heck, they even practically paid citizens with down payment grants to MOVE OUT of cities like CLEVELAND. Collusion, corruption, and chronic abuse to the citizens with a complete lack of protetive measures empowered this housing boom nightmare to escalate and then crash....Our local government leadership based their (FALSE) Budgets off of those Projected Taxes...never anticipating that the people couldn't sustain the fraudulent inflation on both of valuations and taxes that was being portrayed on them.... via who other than their very own government leadership....living large like (CONVICTED) Frank Russo (OUR COUNTY AUDITOR) and countless other public servants....

Too much to think about? Just think of all those disenfranchised citizens who have seen it all first hand one way or another... Pay to play is the game. Our citizens of Cleveland, Ohio have seen some of the most disgruntling, abusive, and violating actions in this country by our alleged, "LOCAL LEADERS!" They enjoyed the benefits more than any citizen in our community....including the luxuries of trips to Vegas etc. May God Bless the survivors of this reckless disaster in Cleveland, Ohio.

See the Frank Giglio story on Realneo.us... Don't get in the political regime's way locally or you'll become a target of their affection with everything from code enforcement tickets to deprivation of public benefits or resources. It's an amazing story here in Cleveland that will come to light in the years to come.... For now...Keep the faith and know that exposing the crooks who violated the public at large continues regularly by our local FBI.

In the interim, there are countless families like those cited who need help to overcome the odds and progress forward with what's left of their American Spirit. All the best.


Read more: http://www.cbsnews.com/8601-500251_162-7392090-1.html?assetTypeId=58&blogId=&tag=contentBody;commentWrapper#ixzz1gy8qZaxs

And another great comment:

Cities need to start something really simple. Go right behind the Sheriff, claim eminent domain on the home to stop the eviction, appoint the homeowner as caretaker of the (now) city property - where they live in the building there for only the cost of the taxes (if they are employed), tell the bank to petition for reversal and if the bank fails to reverse the eminent domain - (which the banks can do through working out a restructuring of the payment/principle of the loan/or a deferment for those in serious financial trouble) then transfer the ownership to the caretaker for $1. This way, the property keeps value, instead of the value just being stolen through stripping - where the only people who win are the copper & aluminium thieves!!!

SEE Above--So, if this guy was our county treasurer and he was so bad at collecting taxes and so bad at overseeing operations and appraisals at the Board of Revisions--his primary responsibilities--why does the PD and other major media outlets cover for him??? 

Also, has the new county government made any progress on the property owners claiming the 2.5% primary residence reductions illegally applied to rental properties for years under Rokakis and Russo? 

This house was demolished in Cleveland.  It was a rental first, shut down by the ATF for drug dealing, vacant for years, and then torched--see the property info here...budget demo...apparently.


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