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At first, I was going to write some nice stuff about Michael DeAloia and his new book:

Lost Cleveland

...but I am a bit miffed right now.

I am mad, not at Michael DeAloia, who doesn't seem to let the local corruption dampen his enthusiasm for our fair city, but at the puppetmasters at NPI, the foundations and Greater Cleveland Partnership.

So, instead of promoting the book, Lost Cleveland, I will promote:

Cleveland School Gardens

Remembering Cleveland

And, I will remind folks that the good part of Cleveland is still here and always will be--you just need to look for it.

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The Severances: An American Odyssey

  Author Diana Tittle will speak at the Friends of Cleveland Public Library's 53rd Annual Meeting--

The Severances : an American odyssey, from Puritan Massachusetts to Ohio's Western Reserve, and beyond

Friday, December 3, 2010, 12:00 p.m
Main Library 3rd Floor, Treasure Room.

Autographed copies of the book will be for sale after the program.  For reservations, call 216.623.2821.

A Plug for Lost Cleveland

  As depressing as our political representation can get--I do marvel at folks who stay upbeat and make an effort to herald our city, which is why I am promoting Michael DeAloia's book.  And, hey, it's a BOOK!


Lost Cleveland:

Seven Wonders of the Sixth City

Hello Cleveland! I am proud to announce a number of cool happenings and the last book signing before the Holiday Season to promote my book – “Lost Cleveland: Seven Wonders of the Sixth City.” I am totally digging the great reception for the book. During the last few weeks I have been lucky to talk with a ton of people about the book and the reception has just been great. Last Friday I was thrilled to be asked to join Dick Feagler on his TV show "Feagler & Friends" to talk about Cleveland's glorious past. I believe the segment will be broadcasted on December 31st or January 1st. Stay tuned for more details. It will also be stored on the "Feagler & Friends" website - http://www.wviz.org/WVIZ/feagler. Quite honored to be asked to be on the "Lanigan & Malone Morning Show" this Thursday at 7:40 am (see details below). 

As many of you know for the past few years I have been writing the Cool History of Cleveland Blog (http://www.coolhistoryofcleveland.wordpress.com) in what I thought was creative obscurity. However, a few months ago - Joe Gartrell of History Press connected with me and he had a vision that there was a book to be developed from my blog. Well, big kudos to my publisher History Press (http://www.historypress.net) for all the support in the world. Listen, I hope you will join me at my last book signing this year. It would be a thrill to see everyone in Cleveland again and we could chat about Cleveland and its wonderful history. 

Book Tour

December 16th @ "The Lanigan & Malone Morning Show" – 7:40am on WMJI 105.7 FM (http://www.wmji.com)

Hope you will listen to us talk about Cleveland's amazing history. Call in!

December 18th @ Barnes & Noble – 2pm to 4pm (Chagrin Road at Eaton Center)

My last book signing this year. Will have an ample supply of books. Happy to sign each and every one of them. Lost Cleveland is a great stocking stuffer!

Online Stores to Purchase

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/376yxx2

Barnes & Noble: http://tinyurl.com/27hhubv

Borders: http://tinyurl.com/32snd3b

Buy.com: http://tinyurl.com/2ckpwae

Cool Cleveland Video: http://tinyurl.com/35bfq7w

Anyone who purchases “Lost Cleveland” gets this offer from me. I would be honored to sign each and every copy purchased. Please let me know how we can connect and I will make it happen.

Lost Cleveland

2860 Detroit Avenue  Suite 322 Cleveland, OH 44113


A Wonderful LIfe in Cleveland....

Laura, while I appreciate the undercurrent of positive things trying to see the light of day in our town....I'd rather keep cleaning out the issues that have been swept beneath the rug for a few generations until they are resolved....