Progress on Euclid Avenue for RTA

Submitted by Kevin Cronin on Sat, 06/30/2007 - 22:25.
Progress on Euclid Avenue for RTA

Signs of progress for bus patrons and the RTA Euclid Avenue project:  Here's a bus shelter in the center median strip for Euclid Avenue

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Great photos, Kevin

As I'm moving 1/2 a block from Euclid, to the now-RTA-blighted end of the Euclid Corridor, in East Cleveland, I can only say construction makes my city nearly inaccessible. Completion of anything Silver-Line can only come too soon. Great to see these latest photos. I look forward to cruising down Euclid on a bikelane... any thoughts on a public awareness campaign on how to drive, respect others, read road signs and not kill cyclists?

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Hey Norm--give RTA a break.  It took me 30 minutes to get from my house to the STAR complex.  I haven't clocked it by car, but I think it would be the same time or longer, given the construction.  In the 1990s, I was sideswiped by a truck while riding my bike on Lorain Ave (resulting in a Frankenstein-like head wound), so this old lady rides the sidewalk a lot. No daredevil weaves for me.  In any case, I rode down Scranton and hooked a left on Seymour to West 25th.  Caught the train with my bike (allowed during non-rush hour times), disembarked at East 120th station and rode (on the sidewalk) to your street Lakeview. Presto!  Kevin--can you get Jim Sheehan to weigh in?  I am glad to see his fix a bike program for kids received funding from Ward 15, encouraging kids to feel ownership for their work.  I could go on and on about how this generation does not exercise or explore, but I won't bore you.

Nice to see bkes at the STAR

I was very impressed to see you arrive by bike... Kevin and others as well. I talked to Kevin about getting bike racks for there and need to follow up.

Where I'm moving will be one-half block from the Silver Line and the Star Property is one-half block from the Silver Line so I look forward to seeing what is the ultimate product (not that they are making any real street improvements in East Cleveland). I'm also near the Red Line (although RTA is closing the 120th stop to move it into UCI's Inner Circle, and their Superior and Windermere stations are as far from TOD oriented as possible, so poor) and love taking the rapid. I've proposed that RTA make up for taking a stop away from East Cleveland residents by adding a stop around Lakeview, where it could be the anchor of some real TOD. Expect to see more about that vision and RTA response as the projects in that area develop.

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