Update from Mandel Hall .)

Submitted by mabeldog on Mon, 03/14/2022 - 16:32.
Update from Mandel Hall .)

 Well well WELL sometimes the "guidance" comes from the CDC whose director now is "sorry" (and afraid of being sued as thousands of victims are sick and dying from the clot  shot) because her "guidance comes from CNN who TOLD her the vaxxxxines worked and whoops they don't and it kills people too. Sometimes the "guidance" comes from The State whose miniature RepubliCON Governor was the first in the nation to lock down and destroy small businesses and allow goobermint "workers" to stay home AND get full pay, with his draconian unconstitutional EVIL mandates. By the way we'd STILL be locked down if it wasn't for our legislature telling him to fuck off last summer! Today the "guidance" comes from the Cleveland Clinic.....and such awesome guidance it IS. No masks no vaxxxine passports so after 2 LONG years, TCO is FINALLY open for business. And guess what?! An email went out to prospective attendees THIS time. Can the YouTube video be next?

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And two LONG YEARS of this bullshit the SCAMDEMIC is FINALLY over and the audiences that stayed away INCLUDING ME will return