U.S. System Dependent on Crime & Fraud -Catherine Austin Fitts - Former Asst. Housing Secretary (oh no not tremont were we live

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Former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts says all U.S. citizens are partly responsible for banker fraud.  Fitts, also a top Wall Street Banker, says, “What popular opinion has said again and again and again is it wants the dirty money. . . . It wants the U.S. to play this geopolitical top dog (DON'T INSULT DOG ITS CORRUPT TOP HUMANS) game to the extent it provides subsidy to them.  We can’t have our cake and eat it too. . . . If we have a model that is dependent on crime and fraud . . .  we have to change the model.”  Fitts calls what we have today “the Central Banking Warfare Model.”  It is showing signs of troubles.  Fitts goes on to say, “Are there cracks in the system? Yes.  The more it is obvious the system works off force, the more invasive the force gets and the more push-back there is going to be both globally and domestically.”  What is the big problem with a global financial system that is run by increasing force?  Fitts contends, “The problem is it’s shrinking the pie.  If nobody trusts anybody, how can you have a healthy economy?”  How are our leaders going to handle the poor economy and all the social commitments?  Fitts says, “They’re going to debase the currency, and they’re just going to grind it out.  Meantime, everybody is going to pay for Obama Care, and it’s going to be the ultimate fraud.”  As far as the winners and losers for Obama Care, Fitts predicts, “Nobody is going to win from this . . . people are going to die.  We’re talking about depopulation.”    Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com.


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