Vatican Reeling As Pope Francis Admits There Is An Army Of Over 8,000 Pedophile Priests bishops cardinals (tremont etc.

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pope-francis-admits-2-percent-of-all-catholic-priests-are-pedophiles(LAVENDAER MAFIA - MANY MANY MANY MORE) In a BBC interview that the Vatican is struggling to spin, Pope Francis took the highly unusual step of actually admitting that there are thousands and thousands of pedophile priests in the Catholic Church worldwide. By their estimates about 8,000. This mind-numbing admission has sent shock-waves through the highest levels of the Vatican system.


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Yeah, it's called the Lavender Mafia which is also in control of most Protestant Churches right now as well. These guys get in to the priest hood and pastoral service thinking their homosexuality is a calling from God to serve since their will be no distractions chasing after women with the celibacy requirement. Instead they fall in to the perversion trap as no human male is immune from sexual attraction in the sexed up world we live in nowadays.

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Many survivors of abuse by priests are angry at what they see as the Vatican’s failure to punish senior officials who have been accused of covering up scandals.

In the interview, Pope Francis was quoted as saying that the 2% estimate came from advisers. It would represent around 8,000 child-abusing priests out of a global number of about 414,000. While the incidence of pedophilia as a psychiatric disorder in the general population is not accurately known, some estimates have put it at less than five percent.

“Among the 2% who are pedophiles are priests, bishops and cardinals. Others, more numerous, know but keep quiet. They punish without giving the reason,” Pope Francis was quoted as saying.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi denied that Pope Francis had said that there were cardinals who were pedophiles. Father Lombardi also denied that these were the Pope’s exact words.


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