Vigil Outdoors 7 P.M.

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Please read.. and join us Monday Night in standing for 11 black women and the the other missing in cleveland!
Stand For Eleven Black Women
Monday, November 16, 7 Pm

Vigil Outdoors 7 P.M.
East 123 Rd And Imperial Avenue, Cleveland

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The Eleven Black Women found dead and buried in a Anthony Sowell's yard has brought Cleveland's African-American Community, and some supporters, out to support the families
of the dead women and other missing people, and to get answers.

Many feel that most of these deaths could have been
prevented if Cleveland Police and city government would take reports of missing people seriously.

Following the lead of Survivors/Victims of Tragedy, Inc. and Black on Black Crime, Inc., the People of the Imperial Avenue area and the Mount Pleasant Task Force are demanding the creation of a Missing Persons Department in the city of Cleveland and other proactive initiatives.

People of the Imperial Avenue area also recognize that they have a certain responsibility of getting to know their neighbors, like "the way it used to be."

There are currently 77 women missing in Cleveland, 21 women reported missing in the 4th District. (WOIO NEWS, NOV. 7,

The area has been hit hard economically. In Ward 4 (Mt. Pleasant area) Seventy-two percent of homes are run by single females, 414 homes are in foreclosure, and 887 vacant houses were counted.

Certain Ethnic Communities are suffering more than others due to discrimination, institutional racism, negative media spin, and scapegoating. Arab-Americans, Muslims, and Latinos have faced increased scrutiny by the government and by loud,
well-funded neocons, and their flocks.

African-American activists associated with the Mt. Pleasant Task Force have supported plenty of rallies for other People and causes.

It's time to come to the aid of our African-American Sisters and Brothers.

Only a Community can heal this blight, the fear, and the horror.

We have not even heard from the children of Mt. Pleasant area. What fears are they living with?

These fears are known by all the children of many of
Cleveland's poor, ethnic communities and religious faiths.

The fear of someone coming for them in the night, losing their parent(s), or being hungry or homeless.

The Women and Children of Mount Pleasant area deserve to feel safe and secure.

All Women deserve relief from the fear of being preyed upon.



NOVEMBER 16, 2009, 7 P.M.


Many ethnic communities have experienced this scale of racism in the USA, in our jaded history. Fear-mongering against certain races or faiths in this nation disparages our integrity. It divides the nation, perhaps by design; and it divides the cities.

We are highly segregated in Cuyahoga County. There are Black neighborhoods, and Latino neighborhoods, and White suburbs; and the list goes on.

This is to the detriment of us all: breakdown of family
structure, increased crime, children in fear and at-risk,
further disparity between rich and poor.


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