Ward 14: Aragon Ball Room.... What's the History & Future of this Cleveland Landmark property?

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The Aragon Ballroom has looked like this for too long...And to think it is listed as a CLEVELAND LANDMARK!!!!

Tell the citizens of Ward 14 and the Near West Side why former recorder Patrick O'Malley was not "CODE ENFORCED" out of ownership over the past 10 years of allowing this property to deteriorate... When countless property owners have been targeted and sent packing...

Was Patrick O'Malley "connected" or was he just "special"??? 

Word on the street is that there are "NEW OWNERS" in town....what's the real story? 

According to Case Western Reserve University's online Cleveland History, the following facts are noting...


The ARAGON was Cleveland's last surviving ballroom from the big-band era. Opened by Lloyd Harry Meyers in October 1930, it was located in a former roller rink at 3139 W. 25 St., near Clark Ave. Among the entertainers who played there to crowds of up to 2,000 were Glenn Miller, the Dorseys, Freddy Martin, Harry James, Guy Lombardo, and the Andrews Sisters. Radio broadcasts were a weekly feature, continuing into the 1960s. Though declared a historic site by the Cleveland Landmarks Commission in 1980, the dance hall had an intermittent existence following its sale by Meyers in 1987. The latest attempt to revive it, in 1991-92, proved unsuccessful.



Former CMDC plans...deprived Aragon of needed parking.

Apparently, Pat O'Malley fought over county foreclosure for property tax arrears while trying to sell it.

One of the last listed events at the Aragon Ballroom appear to be circa April 10 & 11 1992 with some MTV events.

Then, as one of Cleveland's underground dance clubs, The Aragon hosted Cleveland's first official RAVE in June 1992 and lost money despite having over 750 people attend.

The Aragon Ballroom on West 25th Street near Clark Avenue was the site of many local radio broadcasts, beginning as early as 1930. After World War II, they often featured Paul Burton’s orchestra.

Aragon Ballroom remains Listed as one of the National Ballroom & Entertainment Association's "Ballrooms of the Past."

With such a vibrant history...it is a shame that such a Cleveland Landmark could be left to rot...



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Aragon Ball Room on West 25th St.

  Like many structures along West 25th--it has been subject to vandalism and the elements with no pressure by the City to "code enforce" as you note--Dianna.

Despite, the news that the building has sold, I continue to believe that whole segments of West 25th and other parts of Clark-Fulton neighborhood are slated for the arson-clearing plan.  It's how it's done here in NEO.  It worked so well in Tremont, too.  I call to report buildings that bear the hallmark signs--boarded up with upper windows open to the elements--this expedites the fire when the spark plug kids get hired to torch a place.  The Aragon has been set-up for arson for years. 

The Monroe Cabaret and beautiful adjacent building that housed a gym went up in 2008, remember. 

Arson-clearing plan

Works everytime.  Get the flames going, the councilman and City of Cleveland inspectors on board, intimidate the property owner, and it works like magic!




"We are apparently playing phone tag, and if you do not call me back I am getting a Search Warrant to search your property", said Inspector Hilliard, in his threatening 7:20 a.m.  phone message left to a homeowner who was a victim of an arson.


State monies for SR 42 Pearl -West 25th

 Stakeholders held a meeting in early April with Councilman Cummins...per Crain's article out this week April 25-May 1st issue. Google the keywords:

Community leaders eye a quick cleanup on West 25th Street

Along with employers, they're strategizing on how to revitalize corridor between zoo, market


this explains my friend's property on W. 25th = public nuisance

A business owner located on West 25th for over 30 years has suddenly been declared a public nuisance.  Although only very few complaints of  minor liquor violations / police calls were made over a 30 year span, he has been declared a public nuisance.  There is a hearing scheduled in early May to address this issue.

I warned him that TWDC was the CDC for this area and I attended a meeting in which West 25th was discussed.  I warned him months prior to even receiving the paperwork that he was going to be targeted. 

His property is in the "path".      The only public nuisance is the City of Cleveland.

Aragon Ball Room...what's the new work going on there???

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