Ward 14: Clark Metro Development Corporation

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Fri, 08/07/2009 - 20:36.

All old leadership of Clark Metro are GONE! It has been gone for well over a year...have any of you even attempted to participate that live in Ward 14 since then? NO! I can tell you, because your names are not on the meeting sign in sheets! 

In April there was an annual meeting to clean the slate, elect an entirely new BOD, and invite community participation. Less than 20 folks out of almost what, 30,000 showed up.

There were meetings weekly, then monthly since that period. I haven't seen any of you at those meetings except the candidates, respectfully.  

Everyone here has good input online, but in the meetings, none of you are there to make a damn difference. You don't need a new Clark Metro, you don't participate in the one that is here. You don't give respect to the efforts of those who are trying to rebuild it.

Now, you await some magical new leadership to take it over and run it or to build up a new CDC for Ward 14. The CDC in Ward 14 is also open 5 days a week with full time volunteers and they post updates and info in the Plain Press Monthly.

Okay, let's clean the slate again and invite participation...will you show up to a meeting, will you work a project, will you volunteer to execute a program? Will you help administrate the new Clark Metro? Or will you continue to sit there on your rumps acting like no one is doing anything and talking crap about those who are working to make a positive difference? Are you all the volunteers who need paid to participate at your community organization?

Maybe the new councilman will restore our funding or maybe one of you will help to make proposals that will invite programs/grant funding to create a job for yourselves. Then you can be there to oversee operations and insure that all is going the way you deem it to go.

I have notified you all at least a half dozen times...but you keep on acting like "no one told you!" You are the residents, you are the online voice, and you are the ones who care, that's obvious. So, go down there, stick your noses in the business and become part of the solution, not the problem! 

Everyone's on a witchhunt in our City. We all are well aware of the investigations, the past, and now we have enough brain power collectively to keep things straight for future references.... to incorporate ourselves into City Planning, to fight for funding, and to make realistic goals... but where are you all when it comes time to meet and discuss our options, avenues, and so forth? 

YOU are the leadership that this organization needs and you are never there! The community itself is not engaged.

I resign to the idea that 10% of us are going to 90% of the work while 90% sit on the sidelines waiting for leadership to pull them along.... Thanks for being a proactive citizen of Ward 14!!! 

Next BOD meeting is third Weds at 6pm.... SEE YOU ALL THERE! 

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Clark Metro? LOL

To insinuate that anyone who does not support Clark Metro is a do-nothing, sit- on -their- butts whiner is, frankly, insulting.  Only a small handful of vocal residents seem to think resurrecting Clark Metro will solve a myriad of problems.  The rest wish it would go away.   Nelson Cintron, Jr., awarded the organization a measly $10K during his last two years in office. 

In that  same two-year period he gave a total of $235,000 to Flats Oxbow, OCNW, and SRO.  Personally, I think he was wise to ignore  them as he did. 

No one comes to the meetings because no one cares about the organization.  They do care about the neighborhood and don't wish to support a group of people who have succeeded in alienating just about everyone.  As I said before, it's a dead horse, the proof of which is staring you in the face.   Don't blame apathetic neighbors.  kd





 some people who live in Ward 14 live no where near Clark-Metro...

just sayin'.....

give it a rest

will you? you go on and on and talk stuff that makes me wonder if you are being put up to it by mister cintron. pages and pages of saying stuff about people, all you do and what every body else does not do. get a gripe. 

clark metro

 again so right dbra, and with the way the ward has been reconfigures, it will be Ohio City, Clark Fulton and Old Brooklyn.

And I will say it again, Clark Metro is dead. We should hold a service for it, and bury it, and build something new that works for everyone in the Clark Fulton area.

Those of us that are long term fighters for the neighborhoods, in the trenches, year after year, are too smart to fall for the rants and raves.

It is going to be a long month before the primary. Then another two months before the general elections. I think that we need to heed Henry and discuss platforms that we can all add to in a constructive manner.

I am really, really bored with the diatribes.

and I will give my name because I have nothing to hide.

Debbie Webb



  Yes-Clark Metro was a tainted CDC.  The player we should all be focused on is Abe Bruckman.  His name shows up on all of the deals that have tainted Clark Metro, OBDC, TWDC, and OCNW CDCs...HUD purchased his house in redlined near west side, so that he and his wife Sheryl Hoffman could "move up" to Bay Village.  While the hens cluck here, the fox is long gone.  Focus your energies.  Stop attacking each other...and the name thing...

(Clark Metro/Clark Fulton...who cares...all of the names have been changed up intentionally and Slavic Village no longer exists...how would you like to be completely erased by CSU?) 

DWebb et al...Yes--focus on platforms.  We'll have a better sense of the representation after the City Club debate.

 Meanwhile,  it's all going down...hopefully, the Feds will spare no one...Mason is getting it today.  Check out the poems in the comments. 

Who is Abe Bruckman really? Who provides his funding at OCNW?


When all the grading of points by the City of Cleveland was going on in 2005/2006 Abe Bruckman played a role, Just find and ask Steve Krueger the former Executive Director. I would say talk with Brent Thompson but he passed away two weeks ago.

If Clark-Metro would have recieved 5 more points they would have recieved 50% of the City's portion of the CDBG money. Was Abe stalling on completing the Plan? Why did he eventually diappear from the scene with the plan? I will let you come to your conlusions on your own.

No investigative authority will do anything about it. So you must move forward. I live in Tremont with a very functional CDC.

This is no reflection on Angel, but no-one that matters (Funders) in this case cares about Clark-Metro.

But I did hear from one election camp that allegedly Moses Torres promised Clark-Metro $100,000.00 in funding if they helped him get elected. Can anyone confirn this rumor? Or is it just Ward 14 politics?

I was also told by another Ward 14 CDC employee that Moses Torres was asking them to help him get elected. Does Moses want to have CDC's violate the law to have them politic for him? He keeps telling people the Mayor is telling him to do this with the Non-Profits?

Can anyone confirm that Moses has instructed Clark-Metro to use Y.O.U. youth volunteers to do lit drops for him?

If Clark Metro is engaging in Politics they should loose the only thing they have left 501c3.

Abe at OCNW

 I was told long ago that Santiago funded Bruckman's position at OCNW and have just worked off that assumption. His position there is real estate developer. I became confused about this when he was organizing FOR Pat Mahoney to get the permits to install a crematory as none of this has anything to do with real estate development. 

Haven't heard about Torres promising anything but nothing surprises me anymore.  If Torres is having the kids do lit drops on their own time and paying them, it reeks of bad judgement but it probably isn't illegal. 

We need to find out the answers, though. 



 please, mcshane, don't rush in to defend angel14. She is an adult that goes on the attack. She doesn't need you to defend her, and it is unfair to others when she is not held accountable for her abusive postings. It is not your place to tell other adults how they should respond to being abused by another adult. That is enabling poor behavior. 

Clark Fulton is a neighborhood, just so you know and has been "designated" that for years . It is what we locals are used to.

Clark Metro is the name incorporated of the CDC.

If the correct names are not used, it leads to confusion. 


Respectfully, dwebb, you are making this personal, when we are all disenfranchised.  We are all theoretically adults here.  Call it Clark Metro or Clark Fulton...the semantics are not important.  The divisiveness is intentional.  We are all being played.

being played all right

yep, we are being. played this angelin14 trashes and calls names and  then when people says enough this lmcshane rushes in to say oh don't do that then she will try to change the subject. check it out it is in the blog. being played all right




 Clark Fulton is important if you live in the neighborhood.

liar, gay liberation stuff, hetrosexuas chased out of ohio city, rapist, predator, discredit, my way or highway and etc.


Please speak for yourself. I think that it is disingenous to make remarks like this given the nature of the postings. Or maybe your do not read them and are unaware of the details.


Clark-Metro Development Corporation

There are no CDC's coming to ward 14.  Get over it.  Clark-Metro is done as a CDC - new people or no new people.  And no matter how many times Rick Nagin promises a new CDC for Ward 14, it just ain't gonna happen, people!  There will be NO NEW CDC'S IN CLEVELAND NEXT YEAR.  The Mayor has already announced that CDC's will be reduced - not expanded.  Clark-Metro is not coming back no matter who they "team" up with or what organization they link themselves to.  Actually, the best thing that could happen to Ward 14 residents is after the next Census, that Ward ceases to exist and becomes absorbed in the 3 surrouding Wards.  And whoever wins this council election will find themselves running some place else again!  lol  Fighting over nothing.  lol