Ward 14 kids asking the big questions of Santiago?

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 21:55.
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So, the kids got a chance to participate in the political process...they're curious about where the money went to? They wanted a basketball court and some leadership to mentor them... but they got fireworks instead? 

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Ward 14... These kids are our future....

This group of kids come off with great hearts, sweethearts if you will... But as you watch them you'll learn that they know more about the underground street life than most of us would want to admit. As I predict that they'll find my blogs.... I hope that they learn something from all of us...

1) We all want for them to have bright futures.

2) We want to help them to build productive lives through community collaborations.

3) We recognize that they have already learned how to "survive" in the hood.

4) We challenge the best in them... and want them to be a part of the revitalization of our community.

5) We are willing to help them to acheive their own individual goals towards becoming a productve citizen.

6) We want to know how they can be a part of the solution in our community since they have so much to offer us with their youthful wisdoms.

7) Simply put, we care about them and we believe in them!