Ward 14 Residents DEMAND answers from Brian Cummins.

Submitted by ANGELnWard14 on Sun, 04/25/2010 - 03:42.

A visit to theCity of Cleveland Planning Commission with a review of the 2020 Citywide Plan for Cleveland revealed no substantial development projects in Ward 14.

Until our leadership in Ward 14 can see beyond their noses of continuously abusing our demographics in order to steer our HUD CDBG funds into other areas of the city, (TREMONT WEST)-there will never be effective growth and development in Ward 14.

What development projects are pending in Ward 14 besides the Mercederian Assisted Living Plaza on Fulton which is not included in this plan? 

Who is Ward 14's City of Cleveland planning representative? 

What efforts are being dedicated to Ward 14 Planning & Development? 

Who is working on this area of need in Ward 14? 

Who is inspiring local and regional involvement in our Ward? (no not demolitions & code enforcement...but true business development?)

How do you expect our residents or even business investors to appreciate our community when you are more worried about cleaning up the blight by demolishing our neighborhoods- than offering them opportunities to participate???? 

Millions of dollars for demos but where's the funding for community development going? Where do our residents go for help? 

Who can we trust when you are playing favors for your pals to get them positions as code enforcement officers to do the jobs of City Inspectors? 

Again....the questions get asked...Yet, it is anticipated that there will be no acceptable responses...because you are neglecting the activists who are vested, interested, and who are definitely engaged that would be interested in doing something productive in our community...a resilient sign of retaliation for speaking out against your actions.

Mr. Cummins... we shouldn't have to lick your ass, kiss your feet, or brown nose with you to get answers to the simple questions within our community. We shouldn't be abused by your political regime... We should feel safe and trusting to come to you, but you actively redirect our funding, ignore our requests for information, and deflect the true activities that you are endeavoring on behalf of our residents... That's not acceptable.

What is that thing that they did to Mr. Santiago to get him removed from office, a recall? Should we wait through 4 more years of abusive actions before we stand up and hold you accountable...? 

Or are you going to get off of your high horse and answer some tough questions about transparency? 4 months down and counting....NO ANSWERS to the lists of questions... we must really be STUPID to keep trying to care about our community and be treated so indifferently by you....must be nice to be you....

I guess we have another ingenious dictator in Ward 14 who's going to send our money all over the west side and treat the rest of us like we don't deserve these answers....  

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$440,000 for Ward 14 going to WHERE?????

Where's our allotments for 2010 getting dispursed to this year, MR. Cummins? 

No, we don't want to know after it's done...we want to know in advance of your decisions. We do have a right to know what projects you are supporting. But, apparently, you think we are fools and you can oppress us some more...

Ward 14 NSP Funds I & II???

Hey where are you directing these funds? 

Ask Cummins Sharkey PRstitute from the Cleveland Plain Dealer

You still seem to think council people here have brains - the brains of Council are called Sharkey, are paid by you to lie to you, and come from the sick minds of the leaders of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Ask Goldberg how she is spending your Ward 14 NSP Funds.

What a fucked up city.

Disrupt IT

Deliberation--Joe Santiago??

Angel--we should have a say in how our money is dispersed--evidently, Councilman Cummins feels he is representing us by deliberating for as long as he can, before telling us the news.  Or, just waiting for someone else to publish it.  Either way--he can only hide for so long.  We will know--sooner or later. 

But, the stall tactics do affect how the electorate will view him in terms of his transparency.  He may get appointed to fill another job...somewhere...but this stonewalling will follow him there, too. 

Unless, of course, he goes deep cover and works for the new land bank or the Board of Revision...BTW, where in the world is Joe Santiago these days????

Santiago is allegedly in Florida

his house is supposedly on the market for $300,000.

in other Ward 14 Tremont news . . . 

Chris Krosel passed last night.   her and her sister live in the Ward 14 portion of Tremont and Chris was active chairing her block club and on the board of TWDC.

will share info as to services if/when that is available.



Cleveland Planning Commission

A visit to the City of Cleveland Planning Commission with a review of the 2020 Citywide Plan for Cleveland revealed no substantial development projects in Ward 14.

$#%$^%*!!! Thanks Angel :)

The only development in the

The only development in the works for Ward 14 - is TWDC getting dibs on whatever contract monies they can and running.

Now I hear they're trading Sammy Catania off in Ohio City.  A sort of tit-for-tat deal.  

You know the cartoon "Pinky and the Brain"  trying to take over the world.  That's what TWDC is attempting to do.  Only problem I have is - where's the brain?

The Brain is named Ronn Richards, and he is pink as they come

The Brain is named Ronn Richards - all development in unrealNEO is masterplanned by him and his politburo. Get used to it or fight it at the source - the Cleveland Foundation is ultimately behind everything wrong here in Cleveland, from government to industry.

Quite a Foundation.

Disrupt IT

please explain, jerleen

 <Now I hear they're trading Sammy Catania off in Ohio City.  A sort of tit-for-tat deal.>

Please explain. 

Tremont trade off

Could it be because Sammy has a conflict of interest in Tremont considering he is an employee of TWDC and a developer in the Tremont area as well?

And he just so happened to purchase - at a very suspect price- several vacant lots in Tremont for development.

Sammy also offered to purchase Frank's house prior to the demo, according to Frank.

Lots of conflicts in the Tremont area.

At the last TWDC Board

At the last TWDC Board meeting Exec. Dir. Chris Garland stated that there were some negotiations going on that there would be some kind of trade-offs with regard to services that TWDC would provide in Ohio City. 

I sat behind Board member Loraine Thwait and she handed me a packet of material which included a flow chart that included Bob Shores' name as being included in for some of the trade off services.

It was my understanding that this was contingent upon the Councilman's (Cummins) allotted funding for the deal.

I was a bit suprised since recently Sammy has been a little more understanding of the needs of our neighborhood and I thought he was coming around to realizing that there was a lot of work to be done in our own back yard before they go trapesing into other people's territory.

I will attempt to scan the flow chart and post it on NEO. 


The REALNEO getaway spot for scoundrels...interesting. Can they all use lack of "sunshine" and clinical depression as a defense??

 Sorry to hear about Chris Krosel.  Wow.

heard that Santiago

 has moved to Florida to work for Homeland Security (seriously, not a joke).

You're wrong dwebb.  IT IS

You're wrong dwebb.  IT IS A JOKE - just not a funny ha-ha joke.   WE COULD ALL BE IN DANGER.

Santiago=Homeland Security?


Santiago was seen gliding down W.12th a couple weeks ago

Santiago passed me on West 12th about 2 weeks ago...flying--- as I reached in the back of my car. When he realized it was me...he stopped and glared at me from the stop sign...for a long period- as I collected some stuff out of my car that we were donating for the Veteran's wheelchairs project from my dad. It was like a stare down between he and I once he realized it was me. I was humored as he began to creep and turn the corner, only to pause in an investigatory manner on me.

Joe Santiago is a National Security Risk. Wonder who he  is asslicking with now to get that kind of employment. He deserves to be blackballed from working in any form of government... He assisted our community in being disparaged too. Maybe he should spend the rest of his life doing community service for our citizens and try to show us all that leadership he thought he had...I say go back to grass roots and learn something along the way! He needs to be one of those guys on the side of the highway doing community service with orange vests on him.... public servant my ass!!!