Ward 14 Rick Nagin in CNN story: 'Are Americans ready for a third party?'

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October 2, 2009
Posted: 06:56 AM ET
Carol Costello - Correspondent, CNN's American Morning
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Rick Nagin. Candidate for Cleveland City Council. Registered Democrat. And member of the Communist Party.  “I believe in socialism,” Nagin says.  “I believe that corporate greed is the source of the problems in this country and we’d all be a lot better off if working people and their organizations were running things instead of big business.”  Nagin, long considered a “fringe candidate” in Ohio, is hot this year. He survived the primary, and may win the November election.  And while much of the country may be aghast — voters are seriously considering someone who espouses Communist beliefs.

Some say it’s a sign of the times.  “Voters are getting more and more frustrated with politics as usual,” according to independent political analyst John Avlon.  “They want some alternatives.”  

Back in Cleveland’s Ward 14, council hopeful, Nagin says he’s offering voters who are suffering economically something different. And yet, something very much the same.  “I consider myself to be a very patriotic American. I love this country.”

Just sayin’ – Are Americans ready to elect a third party?