washingtonia robusta "fan" palm vertical silhouette

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 13:38.

For a new vocabulary word how's "corruscading" -

I learned the word when I saw the palm frawns oscillating rapidly back and forth in the wind making the sunlight flash brightly off the waxy surface of the frawn with each oscillation.

How to discribe that bright flashing?   

"Corruscading" light - I was told. 

Cool, a new word...

Here are websites which use the word in their descriptions:

From www.warshadow.com     


 "The battle raged on north of my position, however. The Tyrannofex was suddenly alone; his opponents had vanished in a corruscading nimbus of light and re-emerged from the flaring gateway on the Monolith, next to the massive form of the Tervigon as it crashed through the same structure that the Trygon had passed only minutes before. Caught in a massive crossfire of gauss blasts, the Tervigon fell, large parts of its body disintegrating as it crashed to the ground."


From  http://dq.sf.org.nz/archive/2006/2006-09/2006-09-22.html 


"A new tree appeared in the Seagate commons yesterday which was unusual as no beans had been thrown that way for days. On investigation it was deemed to be magical in nature, possibly due to the corruscading lights flashing between branches or its blue and purple metallic like leaves but either way a namer from the guild then divinated it and found it to be a portal tree to the KARENLAND.



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