we need to remember what we saw.

Submitted by rnojonson on Sat, 07/03/2010 - 20:07.

Gee, I will be 59 this year. Thinking back to the teen days, probably the end of the hippie era and Nam, I think a big part of that generation was ignored. My first year in college was spent discovering all the things of the hippie culture besides the farse of free love. All those alternative life style folks, communal farms, geodesic domes, native cultures and habitats, and solar, integrated bio-shelters and organic farming and hemp as a sustainable crop. So many things were preemptively tested in real time, legal or no. It is kind of ironic that this stuff is being reconsidered today. The research has been started years ago. So we may not accept the antics and outcomes of peoples lives but to ignore the things discovered because morals were cast to the wind is kind of stupid. Especially when they saw the writting on the wall. I guess the future doesn't hit us all at once and perhaps we are too close to the future to recognize it approaching. The urgency is still hampered by old formulas and solutions and systems. Will we risk it is the question? It takes bucks to tear down, replace, rebuild and change. We are not evolved enough to change ourselves. Technology changes, we don't, in fact we are adamant about not changing.

In the old days, if the properous town was surplanted by another located by a new railroad, the old town could well become a ghost town. We are mobile but usually so many can't move the disadvantaged town just gets poor and run down. We don't like fixer upper towns. We've been screwn about and squandered and distracted. Time to gather our hippified remains minus the love thing and rebuild towns according to the good things we discovered in our life times.

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