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City Hall Requests that Employers Dismiss Employees Due to Snow
Downtown Cleveland: In an effort to be proactive with the current snow storm, Mayor Jackson is asking for a staggered release of employees from Downtown this afternoon. City Hall recommends the following time schedule in order to help the flow of traffic out of Downtown:
• State and Federal Offices – 1:30pm
• City and County Offices – 2:30pm
• Businesses – after 3:00pm
As a reminder, the City of Cleveland’s parking ban is in effect. If you are parked in the street, you must move your vehicle in order to allow snow plows full access to the road.

Downtown Cleveland Alliance Ambassadors are out in full force helping to clear ADA accessible sidewalk ramps and assist pedestrians and motorists. If you need assistance, look for the Blue & Gold Ambassador uniform or dial 216-621-6000 and an Ambassador will be able to assist you

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NEW website for City of Cleveland

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