Weekend Cooling Trend for the Zoo and My New Best Friend

Submitted by fetus1990 on Wed, 04/14/2010 - 21:49.
The Squirrel Slayer.

Earth day's comin'.  It should still be a good day to visit the zoo on Sunday.

Weekend forcast:

Saturday, 49& rain

Sunday, 52&sunny 

Normal high is 57. 

I should model the two days of data to show we're into a global cooling period. 

I was banking on some global warming for a weekend of golf.  Doesn't look good.  Maybe the UN can model warming for next weekend.


Had to post a picture of my new best friend.  RTH


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Since there is no climate change, Case and UH will be proud

Since there is no climate change, Case and UH will be proud to heat by burning coal in my neighborhood.

And every time anyone tries to justify burning coal in my neighborhood, I will point out exactly what global corporations and organizations do source-point pollute my neighborhood to make certain it is found on Google as much as possible, until they stop burning coal in my neighborhood.

So people who like burning coal in my neighborhood should stop posting about how great coal is, because it is not, and all this does is disgrace those who burn coal in my neighborhood, which includes the very expensive Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals (where my mother and father and wife are affiliated), all University Circle institutions, under the leadership of Chris Ronayne, affiliated with the Green City Blue Lake Institute, all of which clearly believe it is good to burn coal to pollute my kids to save a few bucks for a few 1,000 college kids a year.

Hi Google!

Disrupt IT

I don't think Case needs your help. Identify yourself.

I don't think Case needs your help. Neither do Jamie Ireland, The Republican Party, Lakshmi Mittal, Green City Blue Lake, Advance Northeast Ohio, the coal lobby, the NRA, or anyone else you love.

Everyone knows burning coal pollutes. Burning coal pollutes more than necessary in my neighborhood and all over Cleveland.

These are facts.

You are paid to distort facts or you are wrong.

Identify yourself and come into open debate as an individual on this, or go away - you are harming important local resources and my children with your agenda, and I will not tolerate child abuse.

You are the enemy of small children.

Identify yourself.

Disrupt IT

Google Search For fetus1990...

Google paints an interesting picture of our coal loving friend:


---------------------------------------------- By refusing to deal honorably with others, you dishonor yourself.

When does a Fetus smell like Oengus

Trolls - worse than vampires. Human garbage.

Disrupt IT

Google search Doug Lungman too

That is the name he used here in his public account and postings and he is trolling and polluting other sites as well. He does not have a real account on realNEO and never did.

Wife and kids huh?!?!

Human garbage... I'd love to know who you really are and meet some day, but I'm not going to hell.

Disrupt IT


In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

People make money prostituting small children as well.

Google Fetus1990 now.

Disrupt IT

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible..."

... will make violent revolution inevitable."

John F. Kennedy,

In a speech at the White House, 1962

Disrupt IT


And what amazes me is people are paid to do these crimes... I believe they are called social media consultants.


Disrupt IT

And my friend will eat your friend

Disrupt IT

Exposing trolls

Norm--  Folks should know that there are four administrators to this site--you, Jeff Buster, Susan Miller and Jeff Schuler.

Bill-you have used aliases here.  I don't encourage aliases for the mistrust they cause, but I do feel for the folks who fear for their own personal safety for speaking out.  Putting ourselves "out there" is scary, which is why folks DON'T post here. 

Norm -- If you suspect a troll--and the evidence is fairly clear--please just delete the entire account with no fanfare.  I don't need to see the bloody carcass.  Make someone disappear and we will have enough information to go on.  It will help us all to determine your ability to administer and whether interaction at this site is worthwhile or not. 

For me, it has been worthwhile.  But, if you decide one day to delete my access, too.  Then, so be it.

I've been calling for board meetings and elections for ever

I've waited for other admins' help before... they never cover my back...

When a troll hits it must be killed on the spot. And, there may be traces as it is not easy to tell a troll at first notice - Fetus1990 seems to be all over the web with multiple identities ruining people's lives - any other admins here care? No, because the harm is directed at me personally.... AS USUAL.

The coal lobby and polluters in general are under the gun right now and will do more evil to make money - they aren't going to just give up and stop polluting because it is right, and they aren't going to leave my family alone because that is right.

It is election time and elections bring out the evil in people around here - there will be more corrupt, evil attacks - if we may expose the attackers, that may prevent future attacks... I say shrink their heads and leave them by the doorway.

As for realNEO admins, etc... I've been calling for board meetings and elections for ever

Disrupt IT

Are you a troll... the PD plays with them.

Fetus1990 set up a phoney account with a phoney name - D. Lungman - also used only for trolling around the world - and all that is registered on his/her public account - not private. There is no record of a real identity to expose, if we did do that here. But we just kill trolls... the PD plays with them.

Are you a troll... ? If not, you are welcome here, everyone. Even polluters, if they are honest polluters.

Liars can die.

Disrupt IT

I also think it is important for the members to see

I also think it is important for the members to see the actual harm caused by people acting against realNEO, how hard we try to be honest and accommodating, and what it takes to deal with the evil here... like hours of my day, sometimes.

Disrupt IT

Those afraid of that don't want the truth

We need to handle the truth here in NEO. More people need to step up personally, like Ed Hauser, you and me, and challenge the decisions and actions of authority - sometimes just because the authority must be challenged - sometimes because our leaders are dead-wrong.

Those afraid of that don't want the truth

Disrupt IT

Re: My Friends


Yes, I have a friend who posts here. There are times when I want to post something that I think is fun, and I am solely responsible for that content. That I am posting that content is no secret to the administrators. I have also been unemployed in the recent past, and some of those postings might not have been considered to be "professional", were a Google search by a prospective employer to find them posted under my real name. I do not see a problem there, though there have sometimes been some who have.

I used to use another friend to post some things here that, in my opinion, needed to be said/posted.

Then there came a situation during the middle of my unemployment period about a year ago, where it was the proper thing to do to make that all go away. So I did the best that I could, within the limitations of the tools that I had available to me then.

I do not consider what I have done to be bad or hurtful. I feel that my postings have helped and/or entertained more than I have offended.

...but then again, I am sure that my sense of humor can be viewed/considered offensive to someone. When I have become aware that I have caused offense, I have tried to do my beast to edit out the offensive portion.


By refusing to deal honorably with others, you dishonor yourself.