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Reprinteed from EJB on Facebook:

I'm not dead. Been unexpectedly busy as hell over the past couple of months. Just a few quick thoughts.
We kicked Judge John O'Donnell's ass for Supreme Court of Ohio at the polls and he knows we did it. The closeness of the campaign sent a strong message. I've learned some shocking information about him that I'll be releasing soon. It will come with a demand for a criminal investigation.
Looks like Rev. Darrell Scott backed a winner. Congratulations. From his cabinet choices I get President-elect Donald Trump's thinking. He's bringing WASPs back to the forefront to re-affirm an American "national identity" over the USA. It's gotten too multi-cultural. We're an English speaking and Christian nation and that's what his choices are affirming. His cabinet consists mainly of WASP's. Even the two immigrants, Elaine Chao and Nikki Haley, are married to WASP's. Haley's husband is a WASP from Cleveland. Two Catholics and one Greek Orthodox who's dad was WASP are on it. The only Jew in the cabinet, Steven Mnuchin, is handling the money. It fits the stereotype that's been associated with Trump. If he selects Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD he'll be the sole Descendant of U.S. Slaves in the cabinet. President Barack Obama didn't have any U.S. slave descendants in his first term cabinet and his only "black" cabinet member was Eric Holder as U.S. Attorney General. Holder, wasn't the Descendant of U.S. Slaves with his parents being born in Barbados. Trump's cabinet choices, with the exception of Chao and Haley, are deep rooted Americans. I served in the U.S. Air Force. The generals don't scare me. Their presence creates an interesting display of strength.
I've reviewed U.S. Senator Jeffrey Beauregard Session's sponsored and co-sponsored bills. He's Trump's choice for U.S. Attorney General. I took particular note of those he's sponsored or co-sponsored that benefit the Descendants of U.S. Slaves. The bills include his eliminating federal sentencing disparities for users of crack and powdered cocaine because it disproportionately hurt black people. He wants the racist Davis Bacon Act repealed. That 1931 law was specifically passed by Congress to stop black southern construction workers from moving north and taking jobs from white men. Sessions is anti-abortion knowing that two-thirds of aborted fetuses are black. He's sponsored or co-sponsored legislation that recognizes historically black universities and historic figures. Cleveland's Jesse Owens, Rosa Parks, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and Nelson Mandela are among those he's introduced legislation to recognize.
And if folk are worried about Alabama and the KKK, consider these thoughts. Ohio had the largest number of KKK members in the USA during the 1920's. Over 400,000. Michigan, Pennsylvania and California were with Ohio in the top 4 KKK states. Alabama, where Sessions is from, wasn't even close. Consider this as well. Alabama desegregated its schools in 1963. We didn't even start in Ohio until 1977, and that was after Jim Hardiman and the NAACP sued the state in Reed v. Rhodes 1974. The racists we deal with here are far worse than those in Alabama. I'm cautiously optimistic about Sessions if we get the right U.S. Attorneys for the Northern and Southern Districts of Ohio.
East Cleveland voters should have already "early voted" Gary Norton out of the mayors job, and Thomas Wheeler out of the Ward 3 council seat. This may sound self-serving and I don't care. The last smart East Cleveland vote was my 85 percent victory in 2005. I kept the city out of fiscal emergency for 4 years. I built up the police department and cut crime by 40 to 75 percent. We had the lowest homicide record in years with 5 in one year. We striped streets, built playgrounds. I cut your fucking water and sewer rates by 40 percent.
There was absolutely no discussion about Cleveland Clinic closing Huron Hospital with me. Dr. Gus Kious and I had met to discuss ORC 749.01 that would have created a "municipal hospital" and provided free or low cost medical care for the city's residents. It would have been funded by property taxes. I wrote the $2.2 million NSP grant that was supposed to demolish 150 properties and renovate 15. I wrote a vacant property registration ordinance that was already generating money before I left. We estimated $625,000 the first year. Vacant property owners even now are required to register the property with the city and post a bond. Their name, address and real contact information are supposed to be posted on the front of the property. It can only be left vacant if they are actively trying to prepare it for rent or sell, otherwise they must tear it down. Violations are first degree misdemeanors.
We'd been successful in winning cost saving concessions from the unions. Ken Adams and I were working on a police complaint process that would have guaranteed investigations of misconduct. Frances Paster, my HR director, and I were stripping the police of disciplinary authority over police, and were moving towards disciplining them exclusively in accordance with more restrictive civil service rules. Cops who committed crimes were being prosecuted. My second term would have resulted in more police reforms.
And for the record, y'all know gotdamned well I wouldn't have handled the Cleveland cops who invaded East Cleveland and murdered Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams the way that bitch assed Norton did. Ralph Spotts will tell you that I instructed the city's cops to arrest any cop from another jurisdiction who pursued a person into East Cleveland without a warrant. I had already told Independence Excavating that I wouldn't let them turn the property into a dump where Norton and Wheeler supported the dump on Noble Road. We were working with the Port Authority to develop the area into a duty free zone. One of the DeGeronimo sons will confirm the meeting we had in my office. No fucking way would I have supported a Noble Road dump behind residential homes. That shit is insane and only fools think it's not.
Norton and Wheeler have fucked up East Cleveland beyond anything that could have been imagined. They also lack the skills, intellect and ethics to fix what they've fucked up.
We always had road salt when I was mayor. WEWS TV5 rated our streets the best cleaned in the region. We had the best EMS and fire response times of any community. Even if the service trucks and fire trucks were old, we maintained them. We checked employee drivers licenses twice a year to learn if their licenses were suspended. I fired cop Todd Carroscia for driving a police car into another person with his suspended license. We were also working on prosecuting his ass. Norton brought him back. He also returned Scott Gardner to work after he pled guilty to misdemeanors that had been reduced to felonies in Medina County. And where the fuck is the asphalt warmer and roller I bought to repair streets? Service Director Samuel Lockhart and I were working on a plan to buy garbage trucks to pick up our own trash, and equipment to do our own street paving.
Yes. You fucked up in 2009 East Cleveland. You fucked up again in 2013. It's 2016 and your two previous fucked up votes for Norton have led to your current level of misery. You can continue down the same reckless path you've proceeded down since 2009 or you can change. Whoever you elect will have to face you again next November, so it really doesn't matter. What you've got to do now is stop Norton and Wheeler from making any additional reckless decisions on your behalf. Tuesday, December 6, is the last day of voting. Do yourselves a favor and recall Norton and Wheeler.
Final thought. The Trump campaign victory fucked me up. It fucked Trump up, too. I've never seen Americans take to the streets and protest a winning presidential candidate in my life. Not like this.
Trump had no clue of what he'd be getting into by serving in an office that is as tightly-regulated as the presidency. People think presidents and other elected officials have power when all they have are duties and limits. The power of the presidency is extremely limited to exercising very narrow and specific legal authority.
The budget Trump inherits for 2017 is one which sets forth the priorities of the Obama administration. So I'm sure when Trump met with Obama, the president told him to forget all that shit he'd promised on the campaign trail, it ain't in the budget. No wall. No extra immigration enforcement officers. None of that bullshit. That's why he started backtracking. Reality hit him. Here's a link to Obama's budget priorities.https://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget
So for me Trump is the president, like it or not. The election is not likely to be overturned and we're going to deal with him whether we like it or not. I've lived through Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, the two George Bush's, Bill Clinton and Obama. The presidents don't matter. It's the locals who fuck you, so I'm not really worried about Trump unless this pathological liar wants to convince me that we need a war. His challenges with the truth remind me of Norton in East Cleveland. I'd never believe him.
It's been a minute since we connected. Hope all is well in your world.
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Gary Norton Recall Election today -

From Eric J Brewer:
On his Facebook page East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton is describing the “opponents” who want him out of office as “kind of nuts.” He's afraid voters are going to remove him from office today. Don't forget to vote if you want Norton and Ward 3 Councilman Thomas Wheeler recalled.
We can examine “nuts” by the way Norton has treated his “opponents” in a city where he was illegally administered three oaths of office after violating campaign finance reporting laws. The oaths he was administered required him to obey and enforce the U.S. and Ohio constitutions, Ohio's laws and East Cleveland's charter and ordinances.
Devin Branch is the recall leader. Police officers under Norton's authority arrested him after Norton filed a criminal misdemeanor complaint against Branch. Branch was exercising his constitutional rights to interact with voters at the polls on election day to encourage them to recall Norton. He approached a voter Norton was talking to and Norton invaded Branch's personal space by placing a clipboard in his face. There's no dispute that Branch reacted to what he perceived was a threat from Norton.
Like a scheming bitch Norton ran to the cops he supervised and filed a misdemeanor assault against Branch. There were no injuries to Norton. I've been been told by an employee eyewitness that he was in the police area with them laughing and joking about it. The cops followed his instructions to arrest and jail Branch knowing his intentions were clearly political and that the complaint was a sham. Norton is even now on his Facebook page using the news reports of the media controversy he created to smear Branch. It's the same scummy bullshit he did to me. It's also not the first time Norton has used the police against opponents.
He instructed police to remove city council president Dr. Joy Jordan from the mayor's office when she disagreed with him during a Plain Dealer interview about the gotdamned $5.7 million deficit he created in 2011. No. He didn't use the $8 million to resolve the $5.7 million deficit like he lied to the Plain Dealer. That money was from the illegal deal he cut with Cleveland to close Huron Hospital and Jordan was calling him on it.
Norton threatened Councilman Nathaniel Martin with arrest when he put a finger in his face and dared the senior citizen to push it away. He threatened the late resident Berniece Ewing with arrest after she refused to speak to him at the conclusion of a council meeting. She was another senior citizen.
Council president Thomas Wheeler and Brandon King delivered false statements to police about former clerk Tracy Udrija assaulting them. What was the assault? King wanted to examine public records she'd given a resident before he left the office that were none of his business. Udrija got between them to walk the resident out of the door and King claimed she “assaulted” him.
You'll all recall that Norton sought a warrant to enter my apartment on his first day in office to get a laptop and gun I'd purchased for $350 before my term ended. He even authorized a detective I'd asked the FBI to investigate for murder to investigate me for taking bribes. What a fucking idiot.
He instructed former law director Ron Riley and deputy law director Deborah Blade Gooden to identify a criminal law for which they believed I could be charged because he thought I was publishing the East Cleveland Tattler. The late Michael Winston, the city's prosecuting attorney, alerted county prosecutor Tim McGinty about their illegal acts. Winston couldn't believe two lawyers were carrying out the wishes of a mayor who'd asked them to prosecute me for something he had no proof I was publishing. Beyond that, publishing anonymous newsletters is no crime. That's what makes what the two scumbag lawyers did so fucked up. I don't care where they're working. They're both unethical and can't be trusted.
It was former Judge Sandra Walker who said “no” when Norton wanted a warrant to enter my apartment. Judge Will Dawson didn't dismiss charges against Branch. He “recused” himself and turned the trial duties over to another judge at an expense to the broke city.
More importantly, Dawson should know the charges against Branch are being prosecuted by Willa Hemmons who's acting as the city's law director although she's a private attorney. Under Ohio Revised Code 2938.13, judges and magistrates can't let private attorneys prosecute citizens in their courts so he's actually exposing the visiting judge to a violation of law.
Hemmons told the bar association's disciplinary counsel that she was a private attorney when a complaint was filed against her for representing Norton's thieving wife as the law director. You'll recall the First Lady stole over $10,000 from an organization that represented her fellow school principals. Hemmons is a contract private attorney in a city where the charter and state laws require the job to be full-time and the office occupied by a sworn official. Hemmons has not been administered an oath of office to perform the law director or chief prosecutor's duties. Without it she can't discharge the duties of the office. She should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty.
When I was mayor it was made clear to me by both my director of law, Almeta Johnson, and former chief of police Patricia Lane, that police officers were not authorized to initiate misdemeanor arrests they didn't witness simply because the mayor said so. I got that understanding early in my administration.
Norton's “nuts” and abusive brain is working overtime on Branch.
Branch and his campaign opened an office at Lee Road and Euclid Avenue in the building where Superfly barbershop once existed. The sign from the building was removed. Norton threatened the owner that he'd send inspectors to find violations if she didn't terminate whatever private contract she had with Branch. This is how he's treating opponents and this is the garbage disgraced ex-elected officials like Peter Lawson Jones and Tim Hagan are embracing when they express support for Norton.
The point's not missed on me that voters decided to kill county government because Jones and Hagan couldn't eliminate the corruption. Norton's been trying to get voters to kill East Cleveland because he didn't learn shit from them about management when he worked for Jones as an aide. Jones demoted the boy to a job he thought he could do rehabbing 12 houses and not one house rehabbed. The only thing Norton's been effective at is fucking East Cleveland and smearing opponents.
Jones didn't even do a thorough investigation of Norton's employment application to know he lied about resigning from his job in Miami Dade County Florida when he was actually terminated. Yes it's a terminable offense to lie on an employment application, but Jones ignored it like he ignored county corruption. He has no business sticking his nose in East Cleveland's affairs to support his idiot ex-employee's continued plague on the city.
Today is East Cleveland's liberation from allowing Norton and Wheeler to continue making reckless decisions on behalf of the city's residents. You'll end the lying, stealing, incompetence and abuse of authority. You'll open the door for better information from a mayor who will hopefully have nothing to hide, and will want to share what he or she has learned about the truth behind Norton's and Wheeler's rampant acts of criminality.
Yes. They're both using city hall employees, copiers and postage to run their anti-recall campaigns, and they're doing it from city hall. Norton has mailed you his bullshit accomplishments. It's illegal for him to do so on your dime, just as he's complaining about the cost of the election. He doesn't care about cost. He only cares about keeping a job he's done poorly while he continues to rob you.
You can tell how much Norton cares about the city by the way he cares for his own home. Visit 2120 Newbury before you vote today and drive by his house. It's been in foreclosure twice. He and the “First Lady” live like hood rats in the city's most exclusive neighborhood. They're home is a blight on the street and looks like shit. Even their daughters have described their living conditions as "nasty and dirty." City hall looks like shit. The city looks like shit. Norton's been treating the people of the city like shit ever since he took office. Perhaps today East Cleveland voters will stop him from continuing to shit on them.
If Norton loses tonight it's his last day as mayor. There's no waiting for the election to be certified and he won't have the legal authority to direct an employee to do anything. He'd better not even show up at city hall tomorrow acting like he's the mayor, but I guarantee he will. Just like he didn't stop paying himself the extra $65,000 when voters voted against him keeping the money as safety director, he won't stop trying to squeeze extra dimes out of the city's treasury before he leaves.
If the new mayor is Branch or Cassandra McDonald, they should be prepared to be administered an oath of office after midnight to be ready for Norton's ass tomorrow when the police are under their command. When he shows up he'd better be surrendering the keys. If not Norton should be arrested just like he's done to others. The difference is this lying and thieving criminal will deserve it.
The recall effort seems to be organized and have overall community support. For the city's sake, recalling Norton and Wheeler is wise.

Media spin on East Cleveland Recall - EJB letter to Harry Boomer

I saw and read that bullshit Harry Boomer of WOIO broadcast about me, Darryl Pittman, Wallace Davis, Emmanuel Onunwor, Saratha Goggins and Gary Norton as former mayors. I emailed my response to him and have shared it with you below. I captioned it, "Harry Boomer - Are you out of your fucking mind?"
BTW. I haven't forgotten the recall. I'm observing the aftermath and gathering information. My response to Boomer is below.
If you had any fucking questions about my performance as East Cleveland's mayor you should have called or emailed me. You know how to reach me. I read your online story and watched your so-called news broadcast. Your inaccuracies and false light portrayals are a disgrace to the profession of journalism.
In your attached online post you claim that I served as East Cleveland's council president in the early 2000's. Where'd you get that bullshit? I've never served on East Cleveland council or circulated petitions to campaign for the job. In the early 2000's I was a special assistant to Mayor Michael White, Editor in Chief of Cleveland Life and Publisher of Cleveland Challenger. My election in East Cleveland was in November 2005. I took office on January 1, 2006. Nothing early in the 2000's about it and you got the wrong fucking office.
You led off with a list of mayors who've been embroiled, as you claimed, in financial and political problems that began with Darryl Pittman. You claimed that he was the first elected mayor in the city since 1908. Not true. The last mayor served until 1918.
You said the auditor placed the city in fiscal emergency under Pittman and that he was defeated by Wallace Davis. What you left out was that voters in 1985 changed the form of government from a commission who selected a city manager to the current mayor - council plan under Ohio law. Pittman inherited the deficit the former commission and city manager left him in the water department. The clock ran out on his administration to solve the deficit. You also left out the fact that Davis had been president of the commission voters eliminated.
Pittman is the only mayor who had to run every two years. No one can get a grip on a chronically mismanaged city in that time period. Darryl was tasked with not only running the city, but the challenge of implementing a brand new charter and form of government the first year and running for re-election the second. Your false portrayal of this brother was outrageously disrespectful.
You left out that the city remained in fiscal emergency under Davis. You also left out that Davis sought it's release from fiscal emergency in 1997 before Emmanuel Onunwor took office. He borrowed $2.5 million to payoff the 1988 fiscal emergency's debt and paid off the note. You left out that Onunwor asked the auditor not to release the city from fiscal emergency in objection to Davis' request.
Between Davis and Pittman you left out one key fact. Neither of these two ex-mayors were identified by state auditors or a prosecuting attorney for committing any crimes against the city's taxpayers. Neither did I. Norton's crimes are widely-known by federal officials who've been investigating him and interviewing interested parties for the last 4 years.
You referenced Onunwor but you never even touched upon the scope of his criminal misconduct in office. He faced 18 criminal charges. He spent 8 years in prison. The harm his illegal deal with CH2M Hill and OMI cost the city and its residents was irreparable. You also didn't touch upon that idiot ex-treasurer James Rokakis and the impact of his 3rd party tax lien sales on the city's finances.
We didn't have all those vacancies in East Cleveland before this racist prick let GLS Capital and Plymouth Park Investments steal homes from over 30,000 residents mainly in Cleveland and East Cleveland; and mainly from the Descendants of Slaves. Fuck you Harry. The more I think about this shit the angrier I get. What did Angela Crumedy have to contribute to the story? You fucking demean us as a people with your cooning for your news bosses.
You referenced Saratha Goggins as serving briefly when she actually served for 16 months as mayor and spent two terms prior on city council. You also left out that she stabbed a man to death. Killing a man wasn't juicy enough for you, but my so-called sex scandal was worthy of mention. You also left out that the council while Goggins was mayor asked the state auditor to release the city from fiscal emergency after borrowing $7 million before I took office. Goggins, Norton and the other council members created a last minute $400,000 a year handicap for me to deal with as soon as I took office. Voters also rejected their $8 per household waste fee increase. That was another $400,000 hole I had to fill and did.
All you had to say was that I was caught up in a sex scandal although you initially called yourself showing how the city's finances got worse from 1988 through all our terms as mayors. You failed to offer any example of how the city's finances grew worse under my single term as mayor. It's because the finances didn't grow worse. They improved but you couldn't see past my sexy ass in panties.
You completely left out the fact that the city was released from fiscal emergency on February 6, 2006, one month after I took office. And that the release was official two years later because I'd complied with state laws to spend within the amounts budgeted by council.
You left out the agreement I negotiated with Cleveland to takeover the water department that lowered rates by 40 percent and paid down the past deficit. You left out the fact that East Cleveland remained out of fiscal emergency during all four years of my one term in office. You left out the fact that despite the $400,000 a year note the mayor and council borrowed $7 million for me to payback, that I paid it and balanced every budget until my last.
If you'd bothered to have asked, I'd have explained that the concessions I got from the police and fire unions, and a vacant property registration ordinance I'd written, would have eliminated my last year's deficit by June 2010. That ordinance alone was expected to generate over $600,000 in first year revenue that Norton told council he was not going to collect during a council meeting his first month in office.
You didn't even bother to tell your audience that Norton created a $5.7 million deficit during his first two years in office and returned the city to fiscal emergency in 33 months. You left out how he foolishly closed the income generating tax department, and that he cut an illegal deal with Cleveland Clinic to close Huron Hospital for a measly $8 million that he spent without council approval. You completely left out the fact that the city's debt is now in excess of $30 million thanks to Norton. You ignored the $20 million worth of debris the city now has to figure out how to remove from the dump he and Thomas Wheeler allowed to open on Noble Road.
What sex scandal, Harry? Seriously. You and every other reporter in town have a copy of an uninvestigated criminal complaint I filed with the East Cleveland police department. Pictures from my personal computer inside my apartment were stolen from it. You criminals in the media received the stolen property and exploited it. You also violated my fucking copyrights. What kind of sex scandal exists when the person in the pictures displayed by the media is alone? I was in no more of a sex scandal than Caitlyn Jenner stepping out in pumps and tight jeans. Fuck you. If I was white you and your fucking employers would be calling that bullshit an anti-LGBT hate crime.
The act of wearing women's clothing is not sexual. They'd only be scandalous on you because you'd make a horrible looking woman. You ain't winning any beauty contests as a dude either. What you have a public record to support is that I was a crime victim. There is no public record that implies or affirms me being "caught up in a sex scandal," and the shit you published and broadcast displayed me and the events surrounding the crimes that were committed against me in a false light.
With all due respect, and I mean this in the same spirit as the bullshit you wrote about me, affirmative action was wasted on your career in this town. You haven't been much help in improving the intellectual perspective of greater Cleveland's inhabitants with the type of inadequately inaccurate garbage you just peddled to WOIO'S viewers. In truth, your inaccurate portrayal of a city mostly inhabitated by the Descendats of Slaves was just as racist as the bigots who give you your assignments, edit your work and authorize you to be paid.
I truly expected more from the president of the Cleveland Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists. I thought about running for the presidency when the organization was resurrected because I knew you were the guy who led it when the chapter died. I was at the initial founding meeting with Lora Thompson in 1984 - 85.
Lora as an NAACP member in 1984 was responsible for identifying the black hiring deficiencies at this town's newspapers and television stations that gave you and every other black journalist who came afterwards jobs. She released that report in the Shaker Square offices of the first WOIO when it was founded by Descendants of Slaves named Hubert Payne and Val King.
I should have run when the chapter reorganized because you truly lack the editorial independence to do anything other than what you're told by your employers. Sorry bro'. Mixers without substance ain't getting it.
The false light you portrayed me and the other black mayors in is despicable. I didn't file claims against you exploiting-assed-editorial-pimps with that shit y'all pulled in 2009. You'd better have a conversation with the station's attorneys and get that shit off the air, and off the internet about me with a fucking quickness. I have a different legal perspective on this false light bullshit today.
You know me. You should have called or emailed. You were one of the journalists I spoke to when I became a crime victim. I talked to you, Harry, not the others. Then you spoke of my accomplishments. It's a reckless disgregard of the truth for you to ignore them today. I believe you asked if voters would go with whatever the fuck Norton was selling or stick with the tried and true, or something like that. The bottom line is you know that any portrayal of me screwing over East Cleveland's finances because I was in a sex scandal is untrue.
And for the record. I'm returning to publishing. Now that I know how you're rolling, and I consider you and every other reporter in this town to be as much of a public figure as you view me, I look forward to your face and their's gracing my covers.
Who knows? I know y'all and know many of your lifestyles. I know who you've been fucking and trying to fuck. Well, at least back in the day. I've heard the lead in your pencil ain't working like it once did. You might have a sex scandal or two in your own life past that will help sell my newspapers.
Harry, I'm a big boy. I have no problem with fair reporting. That shit your employer paid you to create, and published and broadcast, wasn't even close to fair or accurate.
I expected more from you "brother." Thanks for the reality check. Maybe I'll see you at the next CNABJ meeting.
Eric Jonathan Brewer

FBI contact Jerry Strothers regarding Red Rock

January 18, 2017 - Due to diligence of East Cleveland reportor Jerry Strothers - and, media coverage - through former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer - this dump will be shut down!  But what about the lives of people around the dump and the continued criminal activities of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank? 



From Eric Jonathan Brewer A couple of thoughts. I called East Cleveland police Thursday to report a county landbank demolition contractor who was tearing down a landbank property on one end of Elderwood in East Cleveland and dumping it in the rear of another landbank property down the same street. The guy's name is Mike Riley who owns Red Rock and the illegal Noble Road dump site. The reason for his dumping in the landbank property's back yard is because he owed Kurtz Brothers for dumping fees. It didn't matter if he owed or not, the county landbank shouldn't have let him knock down the property without it.

Photo credit 44122 news44112news.com/

Before I called the police cops said Cheryl Stephens showed up at the police station when his equipment was vandalized and advocated for Riley to get it out of evidence. They wanted to know if she was advocating as a landbank official or Cleveland Heights' mayor.

So in what I've just shared, Stephens has a relationship with the operator of the illegal Noble Road dump site. The county landbank is giving demolition contracts to this guy and he's taking public funds and dumping the debris on other landbank properties in violation of all laws that told him not to do what he did. And in the middle of this mess is the mayor of Cleveland Heights


Mystery debris pile - HUGE on Cuyahoga River

Photo - Mountain of rubble hidden in the Cuyahoga Valley IMMEDIATELY adjacent to the Cuyahoga River near Valley View (Kurtz?) - dumping in the Cuyahoga Valley really accelerated in the nineties under Mayor Mike White with rubble from the Gateway Project.  It's been a well kept secret, ever since.


12/30/2016 from Eric J Brewer's FB: 

Auburn Environmental owner Jim Riffle and I spoke today and he went back to Noble Road to conduct more tests and obtain additional samples. Once the tests results are in and the pollutants and contaminants identified, he'll have a better understanding of the type of organic compounds property owners can expect to find inside and outside their properties. That information will lead to a discovery of the type of tests property owners can conduct or purchase to learn if their homes are affected.
I'm going to ask property owners on and at least within a one mile or more radius of the illegal Noble Road dump to check their insurance policies. Jim shared this information with me about coverage plans.
There's a difference between "contaminants" and "pollutants" when it comes to your plan. Contaminants are covered in some plans. Pollutants are not. This is not universal, and some insurance may cover both while others carry none. But Jim has testified to these issues as an expert in civil and criminal environmental and insurance trials, so this is not the type of information that's widely-known.
Check your plan if you live in East Cleveland, Cleveland wards 9 and 10, South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and even parts of Euclid within a beyond a mile of the dump. Indian Hills, as an example, could easily be in the affected area based on the wind. Depending on what Jim's test results conclude can provide property owners with coverage for testing, remediation and possible harm.
Thank you to Frank Varner, Aundrea Harris and Randy Cunningham 
for reaching out.
Frank's mother Barbara Varner died of lung cancer this year. The dump was in their back yard. Aundrea is speaking to a Cleveland Clinic physician who specializes in pulmonary disorders to offer support. She's also discussed clinical support, which struck me as something Mayor Frank Jackson should be managing Cleveland's health department to offer.
Jackson's administration plays a role in the enforcement of air and water pollution standards. The city has a health department that's visionless.
Jim and I discussed a city health department staffed with rapid response medical and environmental professionals equipped to conduct tests at every site where contaminants and pollutants are being generated in Cleveland. The medical staff would examine the people. I didn't realize the VA was paying some of its physicians $65,000 a year. For that kind of money I could put a physician on an ambulance instead of an EMS technician.
Jackson had the power to prevent the dump from being open and didn't. He's had the power to environmentally police the illegal dump and hasn't. He's had the power to get the same tests I'm coordinating with Jim to get, and to shut down the illegal dump after tests revealed what we now know are at least methane and deadly hydrogen suflide gases.
In essence, Cleveland's department of health should function in part with an "Environmental SWAT Unit" fo lack of a better term. I spent 4 years working in US Air Force hospitals and command offices in the U.S. and Thailand. It makes sense with all the factories and businesses that affect Cleveland's air, water and soil that our tax dollars would fund strong environmental enforcement. Jackson has state-of-the-art testing equipment in the water department that's barely used. Unreleased Case Western Reserve University "lead in water reports" shouldn't be coming from the school but the city. Nonetheless, we got what we got as a mayor.
Notice I haven't shared one critical word about the cleveland.com article written by reporter James McCarty. What can I say? The reporter did his homework. I look forward to the results being released to you and the Noble Road and beyond property owners within the next week or so.
Inbox me if you know of anyone who's been experiencing unusual illnesses and who resides or works near the illegal dump.


Published on Sep 13, 2016

East Cleveland Ohio - This is the story of Christina Beynon owner of the Noble Road Toxic Dump site, a lonely woman online looking for someone to love. Enter her life comes a knight in shining armor and a man who seemingly has everything life can offer. The man has limousines and flies the world in chartered jets and he also is looking for the perfect mate. Using the alias of Mike Riley he charms his way into her heart after checking her credit and bank accounts to see she can get a large bank loan. Love at first sight and the two decide to go into business and the city of East Cleveland and it's mayor Gary Norton Jr. were only too happy to entertain selling property to these two lovebirds.
HOWEVER, the city has no idea about Christina and only meets with slick "Michael Riley" to negotiate the terms which seem to be a good deal for the city and a bad one for Riley, but actually the scene will be flipped in favor of the two love birds. When Gary Norton Jr. the mayor of East Cleveland decided to make the deal with "Mike Riley" none of his staff or the entire EC City Council bothered to do a "Google" search on Riley. If they would have done so the truth would have been revealed that the real name for "Mike Riley" is actually George Michael Riley Sr. and he George was on probation after scamming several people and cities. He also is a man who enjoys meeting and then looting ladies using several online dating services. George Michael Riley Sr. charmed his way into Christina Beynon much the same way he has done with women from Florida to Ohio. There is no chance that George Michael Riley Sr. will change his courting rituals and shortly after we revealed his entire story for the world to see the love between Christina and George went to the "dump" and the two are looking to part company. Smart George put everything in the name of Christina Beynon and she is the sole heiress to the Noble Road toxic dump site. The place is almost totally full of garbage and other discards and residents continue getting sick from the fumes and toxic chemicals leaching on to their properties. What will poor love scorned Christina Beynon do at this point?
She gave up a good job at a credit union in Valley View Ohio and with this mess she can't go back there. And George is ready to go after a new prey online working the dating sites just like he has in the past. The city of East Cleveland mayor and city council are as quiet as church mice saying nothing to help the situation or people they have doomed to live next to this heap of garbage. To Christina Beynon or her lawyers we urge you to contact us directly and see if there is anything that can be done before the warrants and other stuff starts coming. She has no criminal record and since George Michael Riley Sr. is the person who put this deal together, perhaps we can all work together to save the people on Noble Road in East Cleveland.
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If you are a woman or man who has something to tell about George Michael Riley Senior or Christina Beynon, email us at EC44112 [at] gmail [dot] com



Red Rock - Arco - East Cleveland environmental racism exposed

from Eric J Brewer: Jim Riffle called last night to tell me he'd been attacked at his home. Jim's the environmental engineer testing samples coming from the Noble Road toxic dump. He wasn't injured. His wife had told him she'd confronted two men who'd stood in their driveway. The same two men approached Jim as he walked his dog in the woods. "Bury the East Cleveland dump shit," he told me he was warned.

Hudson police were called to Jim's home. An incident report was taken. He's rattled. I haven't had much sleep. I called Harry Drummond to let him know. All of us decided to keep our weapons close.

I have Jim's test resuls and narrative. I've alerted the media that they're invited to hear his analysis of the life-threatening toxins to which they've been exposed from Arco's dump. I'll be sharing the meeting live on Facebook beginning at 10 a.m. Tune in.

This is war, folk. People are losing money. Some will have to pay. Some may go to jail. All the players have yet to be identified, and who knows if they will. Closing the dump was just a battle victory, not a war victory. This ain't over 'til it's over, and it's far from over.

There's big money in waste hauling, landfills and dumps. It was once a mob run business. Still is in some circles. If you know the industry and some of the players, they're rough people.

I've been told but have not confirmed that Arco's owners generated more than $20 million just taking in garbage and storing it. Money hasn't been spent to remove it. That's damn near all profit but for a few $10 an hour ex-offender workers on their payroll. At $7 a yard and over 2 million yards of 5-story waste, do the math. We're fucking up somebody's money. I'm not accusing any of Arco's officials and employees of anything. Who knows? Ohio EPA employees might be panicking. Gary Norton might be worried that he's being investigated for bribery.

whoever is behind the attack, I've alerted the FBI. See you at 10 a.m. live on Facebook.

Tonight at 10pm on Facebook - a new kind of media for activists

 I don't do Facebook, but the idea of publishing on line is sound.  

It looks to me like Ex-East Cleveland Mayor Brewer is going on air on Facebook tonight to pursue the facts surrounding a large, illegal, dump in East Cleveland.  

There is big, big cash $ money in dumps.   

Conventional media and the local governments are generally corrupt - have no incentive to disrupt - so using Facebook or Utube is the new paradigm.

Go for it Mr. Brewer.