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Video with Gus Frangos and Tony Brancatelli the Cuyahoga Land BankClick to watch a video featuring our President, Gus Frangos and our Board Chair, Tony Brancatelli - At the Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation, commonly known as the Cuyahoga Land Bank, we are proud to be the result of innovative thought being put into action and work hard every day to live up to the reputation we have earned as the most progressive entity in the country dedicated to eliminating vacant, blighted properties and returning them to productive use. Learn more about us!






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No TAX revenue- $$$ bottom line -Investor's wet dream

  Land holding strategy for the "right" developers and properties scrubbed of back taxes...yeah...love that Land Bank....




Manage chaos...right...



Expressing unpopular opinions,,,,

There is no doubt that the county's land bank has the potential to benefit the county by working to demolish property that can not be saved.

The county's land bank should be short term and dedicated to cleaning up the mess that some of the same people in charge of the land bank have created.

The land bank should NOT be in control of deciding which connected contractor, or friend, should be the receipient of taxpayer's property.

Gus Frangos, the PRESIDENT of the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, has played a LLC shell game with real estate in Cuyahoga County while he was employed with the Cuyahoga County Treasurer's office.  The LLC shell game has now caught up with Gus Frangos while he remains president of the county's land bank.  Foreclosures and delinquent property taxes are the direct result of Gus Frangos' decision to play the LLC shell game.

Details of Gus Frangos LLC shell game can be found here http://realneo.us/content/con-artist-gus-frangos-president-cuyahoga-county-land-bank-con-artist-safeguard-properties-o  here http://realneo.us/content/gus-frangos-president-cuyahoga-county-land-bank-con-artist-jesus and here http://realneo.us/content/gus-frangos-president-cuyahoga-county-land-bank-and-his-llc-shell-game  .

Although Gus Frangos is well liked and highly respected, he made the unfortunate decision to play the LLC game.

I don't expect my view on Gus Frangos to be popular with most people, and that is why I have spent countless hours over the past several months to prove that there is an issue with Gus Frangos. 

 I know that the majority of people dislike my exposing Gus Frangos and will refuse to admit the truth.  I know that I am in for a long hard fight with numerous people.  I expect the attacks.

This is an issue that Gus Frangos brought on himself.  It is not my fault or problem that Gus Frangos made this decision.

The fact remains that Gus Frangos can not be trusted to be in charge of taxpayer's real estate.   His conduct is a major conflict of interest, unethical, and I believe it is fraudulent.

Although my very detailed research on Gus Frangos is hurtful and many folks are in denial, the research can NOT be ignored.  The records that I have shared relative to Gus Frangos are not my records.  I did not create the records.  The records are public records that lead to a pattern of deceit.  These are GUS FRANGOS records.   If you are upset about the records, take it out on Gus Frangos and not me.

The Plain Dealer has a story today about on-line comments and why many are deleted.  The Plain Dealer has repeatedly deleted my comments and banned me from posting comments- again.

The Plain Dealer also discusses 'unpopular opinions that are not attractive or politically correct."

Hassell acknowledges that allowing people to comment anonymously can provide a platform for "harsh, shrill and potentially hurtful opinions," but "it can also provide a voice for the powerless and allow whistle-blowers to shine light on important public issues."

"It allows people to express opinions that might be unpopular with family, friends or co-workers, and anonymous comments often reflect what people are actually thinking, whether or not those opinions are attractive or politically correct."


I totally expected to have several people  turn against me and attack me for exposing Gus Frangos.   As if it is my fault that Gus Frangos made the decision to engage in a pattern of highly suspicious real estate transactions.  I can count the people behind me on one hand- less than five fingers.   Instead of supporting me for taking the time to uncover Gus Frangos' trail of deceit, I am now being attacked.

I couldn't care less about being Ms. Popularity and am not afraid of being attacked.  I will continue to do what I feel needs to be done.

My opinion - and highly detailed research - is not popular with most people and not politically correct.   However, it is what it is.


* My blogs expressing my Freedom of Speech Rights, especially on matters of public concern, are my opinion and not the opinion of my friends, family or employer*

You both are doing a great job, performing a valuable service,

 The P?D. Should not censor any comments at all unless they are profane, extremely violent,etc. Your deleted comments might have been hurtful to some and so might possibly be considered for deletion EXCEPT that they are backed up with facts. Also, more leeway is given to people who write about public figures. Instead of deleting your comments a good newspaper would investigate and publish what you have brought to light.

That they have not done so places them as accomplices to illegal actions and censors of truth. How low a once good newspaper has stooped!

You probably have more supporters than you suspect.