WEWS and Cleveland.com are being paid to whitewash criminal CDC, Land Bank and CHN

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You are getting propaganda from Tony Brancatelli, the Land Bank and WRLC cronies (Westbrook, Frank Ford)- I am sharing these links so you have context for Brancatelli's history w/Slavic Village and manipulating code enforcement with support of Forest City/Rokakis/Pianka -now Ron O'Leary. WEWS ran a shameful puff piece on Housing Court to counter the coverage the Eric J Brewer has provided on FB.
Lead will be the new excuse through the CDCs to condemn properties -which, BTW - IS ILLEGAL through the CDCs.  Child molester Michael Cosgrove sent a memo to all of the CDCs to stop the practice. Also, Brie knows that the Health Dept (which DOES have jurisdiction over lead paint) is compromised w/management by Merle Gordon (who was Rokakis' assistant and later he appointed her to his ward when he became treasurer).
From Eric:

CDC's are not authorized by any federal, state or local law to enforce building and housing codes. I heard that shit this morning from a former CDC director and was blown away. I'll use Slavic Village Development to illustrate my point.

I visited the so-called CDC's website. Under federal law the non-profits receiving federal funds are legally classified as "Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO)". Cleveland can spend no more than 15 percent of its total block grant budget for CHDO's ... period. 15 percent of $19 million is $2.85 million. That's all that can be spent for all CHDO's combined that operate in the city under federal HUD laws.

The guy in the picture is Zach Germaniuk who handles code enforcement for Slavic Village. I've underscored language that is clearly illegal on the non-profit's website. Code enforcement staff for non-profits are not authorized to perform the law enforcement duties of a "certified" city code inspector. So any non-profit employee who describes themselves as a code enforcement officer is impersonating a law enforcement officer. Any "notice of violations" they send through the U.S. mail is fraudulent.

The only "stautorily authorized" code enforcement officers are the employees of the city who were administered an oath of office by the mayor. The mayor is the city's chief law enforcement officer. The city has to submit the names of its certified inspectors to the Ohio Building Authority in Columbus, Ohio. Just like the cops, building inspectors must be continously educated and re-certified before their certifications expire. So what Slavic Village is doing by advertising code enforcement among its duties is criminally-obstructing the official business of the municipal corporation of Cleveland when they encourage residents to call them instead of the city to complain.

There's language that truly disturbs me on Germaniuk's "Linked In" page where he writes that Slavic Village partners with the city's building department. How? Where's the ordinance authorizing a partnership? More to the point, Cleveland city council does not have the authority to re-assign code enforcement duties that are authorized exclusively by general laws. The building code is a "general law." All Ohio cities have no other duty to but to obey them as written. Here's a link to them all. http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/4101%3A7 I want you to read the specific administrative code section that tells Germaniuk he's breaking the law.

"4101:7-3-01 Residential and non-residential building department personnel certification. Residential and non-residential building departments shall have personnel qualified to execute the duties required to enforce the rules of the board. Only those certified individuals employed by or under contract with a particular political subdivision are authorized to exercise enforcement authority within that same jurisdiction."

I understand all the CDC's are doing this shit. They all need to be investigated for it. Here's what's going on.

Germaniuk and other CDC directors and employees are real estate attorneys. Some might have side deals with developers. They're using the CDC's "enforcement" language and the sham "code enforcement" process they've created to justify sending letters to homeowners whose properties are targeted for acquisition. The homeowner doesn't know they can ignore the letter. The illegal "partnership" between the CDC's and Ronald O'Leary, Ed Rybka and the other criminals who've run the building department into an FBI investigation provides the "muscle" to the enforcement letters generated by sham enforcement officers like Germaniuk. He has "zero" legal authority to enforce "any" law or to inform a person that they are in violation of laws based on complaints received by the non-profit.

There is no such thing as an anonymous complainant in a criminal action. Every person under the 6th Amendment has a right to face their accuser in a criminal action. Cleveland city council has deemed it fit to make housing code violators criminals by ordinances they could easily make civil; and with that comes the 6th Amendment's guaranteed protections.

"In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense."

I would advise any homeowner who's received an "enforcement letter" from Germaniuk and other CDC enforcement officers to turn them over to the FBI and HUD's inspector general. The documents are fraudulent and unenforceable. As mayor I would prosecute a non-profit's employees for this criminal s hit.

I don't know who's guiding you folk running these fucked up azzed CDC's that you should be calling CHDO's, but just know all the shit you're doing is being investigated by HUD's inspector general and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Y'all ain't holding public meetings. Your board compositions are all illegal and none of the shit you're using to avoid performing the real duties are going to satisfy federal authorities. You're not being monitored, annually, as required by federal laws by the city. The city under the Jackson administration provides no technical support to show you how to manage your non-profits in accordance with federal laws. The fact is you're fucked.

O'Leary. What the fuck kind of shit did you and your "partners" do to this town's property owners? Y'all are some evil mutha fuckas.

Property owners. Are y'all mad ... yet? You've been getting fucked 6 ways to Sunday. Ain't nobody in this mutha fucka leading ... reading.


I am posting all of these links on REALNEO.  You will be pressured to put out propaganda on behalf of Brancatelli and Kelley.  I am telling you this is wrong.

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Black History Month

  From Eric J Brewer: https://www.facebook.com/eric.j.brewer.9/posts/10161190812265634

Folk. What I've been sharing is just the tip of a huge iceberg of "aftermath" drama behind the FBI investigation of the city's building department.

A lot of you have had your properties "stolen" by city officials working with conspiring "CDC" players who used "sham processes" to take them. It includes officials leading the county auditor's office, sheriff, landbank, building, housing and community development departments as conspiring and colluding players.

Your properties were targeted. Inspectors were "sent" to write citations by Ronald O'Leary, child-molesting Michael Cosgrove, Matt Zone, Joe Tegreene, Jeff Ramsey and others to help developers like Forest City Enterprises led by Albert Ratner. That's Albert and councilman Tony Brancatelli wearing the "shades." I've been warned about Brancatelli.

You were pressured into housing court before a complicit Ray Pianka. He died of a heart attack after federal agents visited him. There is a period of "years" where inspectors citing you did so with faked credentials that he and the current judge allowed in court. Their citations have not been investigated. Each citation issued by an uncertified inspector should have been voided and you released from all criminal penalties.

The people colluding to steal your properties are criminals and I'm using the words without fear or concern of being proved wrong. They've conspired with Cleveland Clinic to deliver properties torched by arson to be developed. Churches. Businesses. Homes. Torched. Boundaries that were drawn years ago where Cleveland Clinic was legislated by ordinance "not to develop" during George Forbes' years as council president have been criminally-violated.

The legislative "history" of our city has been ignored as old laws that are required to have been enforced were not; and are still not. No one looks to what was already done before moving forward. It's how we lost our free city hospital in 1957. It's how we lost our Cleveland Transit System in 1974. Thank God Dennis Kucinich had the fucking balls to fight to keep Muny Light.

What you've thought is real. Your properties were stolen by corrupt government officials whose only motivation was profit. How the fuck does Kenneth Tyson, a county landbank employee, end up with 5 foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar and two from HUD officials for free? How many other homes have HUD officials been giving away? Who are the HUD officials doing this and why aren't they being investigated? Who, besides Mansfield Frazier, did the late Ray Pianka "give" away a home like he did Dave and Marva Patterson's?

There's nothing wrong with the current federal investigation if it goes all the way to Cleveland Clinic and Forest City Enterprises, along with the Detroit Shoreway Corporation, Tremont Development and every other corrupt CDC board that's connected to the malicious and criminal harassment of people, predominantly black, out of their properties.

The investigation has to examine collusive HUD officials who I know have turned their backs on performing official federal oversight duties. Jorgelle Lawson out of the HUD Columbus office should have long ago demanded an investigation of Detroit Shoreway and Jeff Ramsey for submitting false time allocation sheets for federal fund reimbursements. Child-molesting Cosgrove never investigated them.

Frank. Council. This is the public hearing and congressional-like investigation that should begin 2019.

Frank. You and I both told James Rokakis to stop with the 3rd party tax lien sales as treasurer. That shit needs to end today; and it doesn't matter if Armond Budish backs it ... county council.

We had our property stolen after slavery. That shit ain't going down today. Fuck "ANY" mutha fucka who is involved in this shit; and fuck anyone who will do nothing while it continues to happen.

Everybody who lost a property has a Facebook page or can create one. You need to hunt these house stealing criminals down and expose them like the Jews chased NAZI extermination camp operators to the four corners of the earth until they were old and dying men. They snatched John Demjanjuk's ass out of his Cleveland wheelchair and took him to Germany for a trial.

Slavery didn't end. It morphed. The consciousness of oppressing and taking from the Descendants of Slaves in all our "colors" never ended; and will never end. You must never stop defending your "real" rights ... ever.

It's why this building department shit is so important to me. Here we have a city that's predominantly black with black people in power who participate and have allowed malicious folk like Rokakis and others to fuck us over.

The civil rights struggle wasn't just about these folk getting a job; and why the fuck anyone is afraid of Albert Ratner makes no sense to me. He's got money. So fucking what. You don't have to kiss his ass unless you like the taste of it.