Towpath Trail Alignment meeting at Annunciation Church

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 Please take a moment to weigh in on the final Towpath Trail connections as it winds towards Lake Erie and Whiskey Island.


On Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m., The Towpath Trail Partnership Committee, will host a Towpath Trail Open House at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, 2187 W. 14th Street, Cleveland.

The meeting is free and open to the public, but the nonprofit Canalway Partners, which is helping to lead the project, asks potential attendees to RSVP by emailing  Amilyn Cedergreen at acedergreen [at] mbakercorp [dot] com.


Greek Annunciation Church
2187 W. 14th Street
Cleveland , OH 44113
United States
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Annunciation Church

Ironic locale - given my extreme distrust of the real estate deals hatched for years out of the coffee shop once located across from Annunciation Church.  For what it is worth - I still believe that the National Park and Towpath Trail was and is the best idea ever introduced in Northeast Ohio in my lifetime.  I am forever grateful for Republican Congressman Ralph Regula for making it happen.  Maybe, he can help me get a connection to my neighborhood?

NOTE: The aerial above does not show the Aldis, which is now on the vacant area just north of where I have proposed a switch back.  The switch back will allow residents to access this food store without having to tackle the 45 degree grade of Old Denison. 

"Towpath" CLE - still waiting... PITT to DC GAP is DONE!


(+540%??? in area of South Tremont? _ WTF? - GUY you are sitting on a GOLDMINE!! haha)






Laura McShane


I am so sad that this "towpath" has dragged out for so many years-at such an inflated cost.  


I just got back from the Great Allegheny Passage where -despite the rain, a boy scout troop completed the ride from Pittsburgh to Frostburg MD.  I watched them leave yesterday a.m. from the Trail Inn.   I also see runners and cyclists using our trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, too.  Serious cyclists and runners head out at 5 a.m. from BROOKLYN CENTRE - not Tremont.


When does the Plain Dealer and City of Cleveland realize that this section of our trail system does not have to be so tortured and insane? FTR - the proposed "enhancements" to Clark Field and area around Harshaw are completely uninspiring and unnecessary.  And, I don't need to ride through Clark Field (contaminated - with LEAD and due for the EPA treatment we have endured at WC Reed Field).


Also - there is no reason to call the segment north of Harvard the "Towpath" - it does not follow the historical alignment of the Towpath.  It's a ersatz bit of CLE fakery intended to drive the trail through the Forest City-owned segment of the Flats.  To what end? -I have no idea.  But, it is NOT a towpath trail.  


Here are my blog posts on the topic:


216facts1 day ago


Can't wait for this to be completed.  

Another dream of mine, extend the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad into some point closer to downtown, not sure if you could get it all the way to the Scranton Road peninsula but that would be cool.  Then have some kind of restored roundhouse with a B+O museum.  The existing Rockside Road station is decent, just far short of what it could be. 


Laura McShane

@216facts Agree - would love the Scenic Railroad to extend to the Metroparks Zoo - expanding already appealing family destination and extending family vacations to more than one day. Metroparks could-should also adapt two historic homes on Denison for family activities that would expand offerings of Art House - an ice cream parlour in summer and tea house in winter w/gallery and possibly housing for Metroparks interns or Cleveland Institute of Art interns or Bike Cleveland interpretative trailhead are all possibilities :