Where are the most charming places to visit in NEO?

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 09/04/2009 - 13:49.

In an effort to un-depress myself, I am trying to conjure in my mind the most charming places in NEO to go to when you want to watch people and feel hopeful about life.  Now, I know I can go to the middle of a forest somewhere and meditate, but I need to hear laughter and watch boats bobbing on the water. 

Why is it so hard to make it happen here in NEO?  Do you have a favorite place to share???  Please post your thoughts here.


Hey lmcshane,  if you're including charming virtual places, then Realneo tops the list.

Otherwise, I go to Bonaire

Edgewater Park is a good

Edgewater Park is a good place to go to watch the boats out on Lake Erie. You can also watch people fishing there, or go fishing yourself.  In the summer months you can watch people swimming. People also use Edgewater Park to hike, skate, bike, fly kites, etc.

Wouldn't it be great if the lake was clean? 

The Cleveland Zoo is another great place to visit in Cleveland.  Cuyagoga County residents get free admission on Mondays. 

We also like the park (can't think of the name) right off Fulton Parkway.  It is a nice place to walk the trail.  And there is a playgroud there where children often play where you can hear laughter.  And if you can walk down the stairs you will get to Brookside Park and you can watch the kids play baseball or watch them play in the playground that is nearby.  Lots of laughter there, usually. 

These are just a few of the places we like. 

I have suffered from depression myself and I know how horrid that feeling is.  I hope you get un-depressed real soon. 



  Thank you for the responses and, especially, the photo. 

It gives me some comfort to know that this time of the year is a sad time for a lot of people. When I am down, I look to Merrill C. Gilfillan's Moods of the Ohio Moons. It helps to read this book and appreciate the changes in our weather, the flowers, birds, the smells, the sounds.

The westside market made me feel a little better today...and surprisingly a stroll through my neighborhood did, too.  No one strolls anymore...I like a good streetscape and we need to work on that here in Northeast Ohio.  When I was a teenager--Coventry was the street to stroll, see and be seen.  I wonder where the teens congregate these days.  As we got older, the flats were attractive.  Now, Tremont has some of that appeal. 

It does sadden me that our lakefront is forlorn and empty most of the time.  This weekend it will see a lot of human traffic for all the wrong reasons.  I wish I had a boat so I could float away.


 I wish that you had a boat too and I would join you, and we would float to a place of the blue green seas, quietness save for the sounds the the waves and the only bomb dives that we would see would be from birds diving for fish.

or the ferry

runs to Pelee Island. 

Don't make me cry

  I love birds and looking at the sky. 

birds and the sky

The fall migration is under way. It seems way too early for that, but I always think that and start scanning for early signs of spring migration in February. I am not a fan of short days and snow. I try. I am never successful.

I think Jeff's a

I think Jeff's a diver.


I'd head for Nelson's Ledges state park, not the campground.