What was/is Quid Pro Quo in Port Issue 108 "$ for Franklin Hill" - all land owned by CMHD?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 11/09/2012 - 19:07.

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Cleveland Municipal Housing Authority is the landowner of parcels 00321006,  00321005,  00322001,  00322002, and 00322003.    All these parcels are on geologically unstable land - land which has been pretty much useless sliding clay and silt since the last ice age.   This is the land the squatters who built Irishtown Bend took - because no one wanted it.

I bet the CMHA paid some crook a lot of money for it.   Just as CMHA has paid huge sums for polluted brownfields recently. 


It was not reported by any media, and certainly not reported by the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority,  that the ~50 million dollars which the failed Issue 108 levy was to collect,  would go to stabilize and improve land owned by the CMHA - land in essence owned by the City of Cleveland.   (intended to go to "stabilizing" Franklin Hill) 

So this levy was in fact a deceiptful  attempt by the Port Authority to transfer county taxpayer's funds to the City of Cleveland

Now we know there must have been a quid pro quo in the deal.    Why would the board members of the Port Authority try to slide this improper multi million dollar tax transfer by us?

What was the Port going to provide to the Corporate downtown folks?   An empty pedestrian bridge to an empty Brown's Stadium?

No, that's not barely enought.  

Dredging so Mittal doesn't have to pay to keep their ship channel open?

No, that's not barely enought.

I'll bet the quid pro quo was to be bonding deals for the corporations which backed the scammy Issue 108.

We must Dissolve the Port Authority.  

They are a dishonest bunch. 

You can long into the Cuyahoga County Auditor's GIS site here.

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