Who looks at Realneo...?

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 20:18.

 While I was speaking with Admin the other day about Guy's PETA post which had been trunkated in advancement to the home page, I learned something that I had no idea about...Who's looking at Realneo!

Now I look (click on)Realneo pretty much everyday, but I also have work to do so I don't expect I am the biggest clicker on Realneo.

Well Admin, who have access to the Realneo server logs, told me that the biggest looker (over the last two weeks) was Google.

In the last two weeks, Admin showed me, Google bots had crawled Realneo for more than 10 hours and 100,000 hits.

So what's the point?

You may think you are writing for Cleveland and NEO,  but really, you aren't.  

You are writting for the World.

 On Realneo

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