Winter: Time of Planning for the Garden

Submitted by Tremont Farmers... on Sun, 02/15/2009 - 12:58.

The time for hibernation.  But the time for thoughts and plans to bloom.  I am dreaming about my own garden, and dreaming about a really fun market season.

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dreaming in green

dreaming in green... Hi Jody! Welcome over to this neck of the woods (web-wise). I just took a break from potting up some seedlings - bok choy and baby cabbages, spinach and lettuces - I'm hoping to build a cold frame next week to set them out.

Dont forget those cold lovers!

And in a few short weeks it will be St. Pats Day and time to plant the peas ::::::gently shaking your shoulder to wake you up from your winter nap::::::::::: I'm thinking the ground hog was wrong and we have an early spring! Can't wait for the Tremont Farmer's Market!

Thanks for the welcome. 

Thanks for the welcome.  I'm learning so much about this wild internet world.  I am soooo waiting for St. Pats Day for that very reason, the first peas in the ground!

I think the market is going to be great this year.  Last year was my first with the market, and I learned so much.  I live in Euclid, but am trying to learn about Tremont; it seems a varied and complicated community, but a wonderful one in so many ways.  Were it up to me, that's where I'd be living (except we are able to live very near the lake here), but my husband is not so much a city guy.  Anyway, great to hear about the seedlings.  I find I'm getting caught up with work, as well as chasing after my kids, and have not gotten anything started, yet.  One of my goals for this week.


Down where I come from, we

Down where I come from, we don't wake that little 'feller' up on purpose, we let him sleep!

Nothing wrong with Euclid

  Better soils and temperatures modified by the lake.  There's no reason why Euclid can't remake itself into a community that feeds itself. 

Cities that stand alone, like Euclid, need to rethink their services.  How can residents be encouraged to live and work in Euclid.  It's the same philosophy that should apply in Cleveland.  How do we grow independence and some measure of autonomy--the ability to take care of ourselves and our neighbors--self-reliance? 

Sure--regionalism is important, too, but the banner has been commandeered by the wrong people in NEO.  BTW, Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day are real community benchmarks in NEO.  The Westside Market was packed on Saturday with folks out and about and reconnecting with their community.  The agora.  St. Patrick's Day is almost here and it marks the real turning point for a new GREEN year in NEO.  Hang on and we can make it together.  The wind is at our backs :)


Westside Market is OPEN today

  BTW, the Westside Market is open today on President's Day.

There are many good people

There are many good people in Euclid.  I have been here for about 10 years, and think it has so much potential.  Like many other places, it is a car driven (no pun intended) society, and very fragmented.  I'm hoping to get to know more gardeners here.

And, the sun is shining!  Maybe time for a walk!

I've been thinking about rain barrels ...

As the snow melts and I see gallons of water going down the storm sewers I have been thinking about I how I can save up water and use soaker hoses to create an efficient well watered farm on my little plot in East Cleveland. I currently have only one rain barrel but I can use about 5 more.

Any sources for free barrels since Sidaris struck a deal with Blue Pike farm?

yes - barrels

there are a few resources, some for a nominal cost: the Nature Center (in Shaker Lakes) was doing workshops last year. The set includes all hardware. It was reasonable and they helped you make it.

Erich Hooper, at Hooper Farms has some available, at a nominal cost. You will need to buy the gear. Email me if you would like info!

My son is hooking my barrels up to my rain system for Mother's Day (he doesnt know that yet....).

rain barrels

We're going to have a rain barrel workshop at the farmers' market this summer-- again, nominal cost, and they show you how to put in spigot, etc.

July 14.  I can get you more info if needed.