Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest in NEO I saw today

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 06/24/2006 - 02:46.


I had the bad fortune to need to drive around NEO this afternoon, so I was exposed to some of the dumbest people on Earth, all over town, and their socially repugnant Hummers and other gas guzzlers, and the poor behavior of many NEO drivers in general. The First Hummer was some jerk cruising around town at probably 8 MPG, yacking away on his cell phone... probably busy trying to rule the world...


The next Hummer was parked right down the street, at the Sewer and Water Board - late to pay his water bill again, as he's gotta keep the gas flowing down society's drain. The worst Hummer-offense was in Strongsville - I just can't imagine how much gas this 'burbilly wastes each day tooling around his sprawl... 100 miles per day means maybe 6 gallons more wasted today than necessary...1,000s of gallons wasted per year. I'm sure he doesn't care about wasting $5,000-6,000 extra a year on gas - but I care about the global warming he causes and want this stupidity stopped. All three Hummers seemed to have just one passenger - ultimate enemies of our environment and society... except...



By far the dumbest cretin I encountered wan't so much a gas guzzler as he was just a good old gas-ass, driving this green bimmer, who kept trying to cut off every car behind me on Shaker Boulevard to get ahead in life, I suppose. Finally making it to Shaker Square, in the wrong lane to pass through, he cut me off... having sped through my neighborhood, putting everyone else's lives in danger, a broken taillight, with no turn signal as zig-zagging back and forth for miles to move forward a few cars, going nowhere - so I blasted him with some Tool and took this photo in case anyone has made the mistake to like him. If you know who he is, tell him to go to REALNEO and apologize to the people of Shaker Heights, Cleveland, me and society.

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Another good use of digital cameras and Internet technology

I am constantly amazed at the uses people are finding for their digital cameras. Without the cost of film, developing, and printing there is no reason not to take it everywhere and record anything you want to. So if you are doing something illegal, offensive or morally reprehensible -- beware -- some one might catch you on digital and hold you accountable!

Zack Reed learned that lesson the hard way

After spending days in jail for being caught drinking and driving by a TV19 news crew, I'd say "drunk with power" Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed would agree with you. I'm in favor of the red light and speeding cameras, and the fact that every inch of sophisticated cities like London have surveillance camera coverage - so does Cleveland, but it's all disconnected, so less effective. Give technology and society a few more years and private companies will not need to provide these services to protect their own employees, assets and liabilities - we will opt in to and then demand RFID under the skin of every American. Knowing that is coming, are you satisfied with how your personal data is handled by government and industry in America today (if you are, you are an idiot). So, what do you do? Learn about technology, and data management, and remove yourself from abusive technical environments and join the global open source information revolution. REALNEO shows how, and why.


This morning I awoke to the sound of car engines. What is the carbon footprint of the Grand Prix? The noise footprint is pretty big. If I can hear it in my home in Cleveland Heights, it must be deafening downtown. What is this "go faster" phenomenon?

When the air show happens in Cleveland, we have the Bule Angels flying their turns around our neighborhood, but this is continuous! Vrrm, Vrrrrrrrrm, vrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm.....

Can you hear them?

Motorheads pollute more than the air

That's right - it's the Cleveland Trash Prix - the #1 weekend of the year to completely avoid downtown Cleveland... the Man Show comes to NEO once again, giving perverse value to the wasted asset of Burke Lakefront Airport for all those who love beer-bellied NASCAR logo'd wife-beater wearing hillbillies and 'burbillies America-wide... yes, this weekend proves Cleveland can be as trashy as the worst back-water inbred racetrack loving Lite-minded community on Earth. Ain't we proud. Well, with Carney running the port and Wolstein and Stark bringing 'burbilly-dom into our urban core, we can count on such fat-ass trashiness being our identity for the future. Love it or fight it.