08.26.05 The City Club: John Koten Editor-in-Chief of Inc. Magazine, and CEO of Mansueto Ventures

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 Small Business: Leadership in the New Economy
John Koten
Editor-in-Chief of Inc. Magazine, and CEO of Mansueto Ventures

As “big� business becomes
smaller and smaller, who’s left to guide our nation’s economy into the
next generation? According to John Koten, Editor-In-Chief of Inc.
Magazine, small business will be the flag bearer of our future economy.

John Koten was named editor-in-chief of Inc., the only major
business magazine edited exclusively for CEOs of growing companies, in
September 2002. He joined the magazine at a seminal point in hits
history and sees a bright future ahead.

Prior to joining Inc., Koten served as editor of Worth magazine for
10 years. During his tenure, Worth's paid circulation grew from 175,000
to more than 500,000. In 1998, Worth was a National Magazine Award
finalist in four separate categories-the most ever for a business or
financial publication. Before Worth, Koten spent 15 years at The Wall
Street Journal. He started his career there as a reporter, and then
moved on to become senior writer, Chicago bureau chief and eventually,
senior editor. He was also a contributing editor for Smart Money
magazine during its launch.

Koten has been recognized as one of The Journalist & Financial
Reporting Group's 100 Most Influential Journalists. During his career,
Koten has worked closely with some of America's best authors and
journalists, including Michael Lewis, Alex Kotlowitz, Andrew Tobias,
James J. Cramer, Gretchen Morgenson, Po Bronson, Colin Harrison, Jacob
Weisberg, Don Katz, Peter Lynch, Robert X. Cringely, Peter Bernstein,
John Rothchild, and Joseph Nocera. He has been a regular guest on CNBC
and has frequently been invited to speak on subjects ranging from the
economy and investing to investigative journalism.

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