11/30/04 - Wind Power - Tuesdays@REI

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 10/29/2004 - 11:49.
11/30/2004 - 10:55

"The Budding Ohio Wind Industry: Where
Do We Stand in the Nation?"

A forum to wet your
appetite about manufacturing opportunities corroborated by the REPP report base
on the 1997 census data and available at: http://solstice.crest.org/articles/static/1/binaries/WindLocator.pdf, located at
(Renewable Energy
Policy Project)

How do we look ahead at
the wind industry to identify areas for NEO which are not included in the 1997
data? Is the industry potentially bigger or smaller than the REPP report
suggests? The REPP report identifies Ohio (after California) as the state which
has the existing manufacturing skill and equipment to capture the second largest
dollar amount of manufacturing work derived from the budding US wind turbine

How can we expedite the
wind industry onto the radar of public citizens, government, academia,
entrepreneurs, innovators, and - onto the machine tools of - established
factories? How can open networking help advance NEO into this

Martha Eakin & Jeff Buster

& Place:
 Tuesday, November 30,
4 P.M. to 5:45 P.M., Peter B. Lewis
Building, Room

Admission: Free & Open to
the public

Campus Center Garage,
entrance adjacent to Severance Hall on East Blvd, $1.00/per 30 minutes. Metered
parking may also be available on the street.

Register: http://www.weatherhead.case.edu/rei/events/register.cfm


Peter B. Lewis Building, Room 201