30 Americans at Cincinnati Art Museum

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Due to the powerful subject matter, the Cincinnati Art Museum encourages adults to preview the exhibition before bringing children. Additionally, visitors are encouraged to take photos in30 Americans provided that no flash, tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks are used. We encourage you to share your reflections on social media using the hashtag #CAM30.

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Cincy versus CLE

Unfortunately, I can't add more photos to my account here at REALNEO - which really sucks.  But, I just came back from Cincinnati, where I was able to be at the opening day of 30 Americans.  If you get the chance, I highly recommend the trip.  Not only to see this exhibit, but to see how Cincinnati is recovering in a big way from the 2008 recession.  

Ironically, Kehinde Wiley's painting SLEEP (2008) - is the centerpiece of the collection featured in Cincinnati.  It is the first piece greeting visitors to the museum, flanked by two works of art that show portraiture in a more traditional sense.  I will write more here - soon.  In the meantime, take a virtual tour of the exhibit and also of images from a Cincinnati gallery featuring the work of Frank Hermann.


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