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Get outa the house...


Battery Park-photos today

Finally explored the new Battery Park neighborhood.  The Cleveland Chapter AIA kick-off is at the restored Battery Park Powerhouse--TONIGHT. 

It's really beautiful--I hope folks make an effort to get out and see this featured new construction.  I couldn't afford to live here, but it's fun to visit.  I enjoyed a cider at the Stone Mad Pub, too.  Watched the game as Cleveland lost to, hoo.

It's fun to be a tourist in NEO--parts of the Detroit Shoreway neighborhod remind me of Ireland

Battery Park-Mt Carmel Neighborhood on Fourth of July

  I have to say that this past holiday weekend was phenomenal.  My significant and I decided to take the bus (26) to West 65th to the Capital Theatre.

We enjoyed Midnight in Paris and then walked up and down the streets that run into the lake.  Each street featured a unique block party, music, kids, adults, teens and all ages enjoying a balmy Cleveland night--pre-fireworks show.

We saw a lot of cool people--I have to name Rose Zitello, who works for the city, and Donna Belles, who works for Cleveland Public Library--I believe both qualify as long-time residents.  I know Donna qualifies.  In any case, what a GREAT evening.

We also saw J.P. aka John Pasternak and his new bride...and earlier Jeff Schuler and Jenita McGowan.  A lot of folks were on bikes last night.  Too cool. 

The bus ride back was fun, too.  With the assortment of people and the energy--I was reminded of a great Fourth of July I spent in Manhattan with my pal James Hennelly--in the Italian neighborhood near his apartment.  It was definitely a moment to be twenty-something.

We walked down West 25th St. and checked out the new West Side Bier Market Garden. Another great place to take out-of-town visitors in NEO.  Or, just a place to hang out, and pretend that you are in Prague or Belgium :)


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