Art House Meeting tonight on fate of properties acquired with your money

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Tonight -meeting at Art House to revisit insane idea of tearing down two properties acquired with federal CDBG fund that is still open at City of Cleveland.  Please turn out and speak out against demo and in favor of strategy that will enhance economic vitality of our region - by leveraging connections with the Cleveland Metroparks, the Lakefront and Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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Your $$$ to demo contractors - in Brooklyn Centre

So for anyone who cares - after years of your money $$$ hanging in has been "decertified" and will have to be "recertified" to allow the CITY (not Art House) as Brian Brian J. Cummins would have you demo houses in a historic district. No attempt to possibly discuss options that would allow the new monies "recertified" to be used to leverage a project with the Cleveland Metroparks or a Bike Advocacy Group or even Progressive Arts Alliance...using the Trust for Public Land...which CAN DO it...NO...your money pissed away...AGAIN!
  • Laura McShane But it's not sooooo easy for the City of Cleveland to get away with it...sign up to be a Section 106 Consulting Party and we can drag it out for another two...three years and possibly have more enlightened leadership in this Dan Musson and cc. the Ohio State Historic Preservation office. dmusson [at] city [dot] cleveland [dot] oh [dot] us -subject line Consulting Party Wirth House Section 106. You have a right to speak out about how federal monies are used in your CITY. For any questions : contact and cc.

    Lisa Adkins <ladkins [at] ohiohistory [dot] org>
  • Laura McShane At Thurs meeting my query -how much money? Amy Craft had to turn to the councilman ...and it's at least $156,000 at this point.
  • Laura McShane I am not even sure that it is legal for the City of CLE to decertify the original funds....and that's an option for exploring with an attorney...

Councilman tried to get Art House in Land Bank

Plymouth Park Tax Services , a delinquent property tax lien purchaser and one of...See More
  • Laura McShane Councilman originally approached Art House after reelection in 2010 and tried to persuade the arts organization to deed the properties on Denison to the LAND BANK...Art House said..NO...and now they are hostage to City of Cleveland politics...they won't admit it...but that is how it goes in this town...go along...or NO money...
  • The councilman is over worked and needs some rest.....

    For any person who continues to stand by Gus Frangos:

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    Wirth House = Fuller House-only opportunity squandered

    Thanks to the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission grant of $250,000, a supporting grant by the Cleveland Metroparks for an additional $100,000 and other business and personal donations.fuller 6.jpg

    Local landscapers Byron and Julia Shutt of MapleLeaf Landscaping, Mark Yager of YDesign Group, Scott Adams of JQ Adams Construction and Steven Knowles of the Cleveland Metroparks were instrumental in the planning and final design concepts, along with financial support from PNC Bank, color and product support from Pratt & Lambert Paints, Glidden, Edelman Plumbing, Moen Company.

    The Fuller House was saved from demolition in 1984 when the organization’s former director, Sally Price, and her Board of Directors saw its potential as an art gallery and education facility.  Sparky DiBenedetto, whose company was building a new project on the site, helped make the difficult move possible.  Unlike traditional means of moving a house, the Fuller House was moved to the lakefront, transported on a barge on Lake Erie, and then trailered to it’s current spot, attracting local, regional, national and international media attention.

    Why not Wirth House - eh? Councilman Cummins?? 


    I am going to take photos of the several properties adjacent to Wirth House on Denison and W. 33rd.  Three properties are condemned and will most likely get torched within the next couple of months to speed up the demolition since all are located within a historic district, which complicates demos.  I would not be surprised if Wirth House and the adjacent property picked up while Sheryl Hoffman (wife of CDC Clark Metro deal maker Abe Bruckman) was director of Art House will also be on a commercial corridor...and historic Denison thoroughfare.


    Intentional (?) Abandonment around Art House

    Several buildings including one of the buildings in front of Art House are being actively stripped - and open to the elements and vagrants.  This is in an area designated as historic district.