Boltz at Ingenuity Festival

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Tesla Orchestra's Boltz is a theatrical performance incorporating a 2-Megavolt Solid-State Tesla Coil, an original narrative plot, live music, energetic choreography and out of this world costuming and set design.

The Tesla Coil is a tower that emits bolts of lightning. The coil is attached to an electronic keyboard and played like a piano. By rapidly expanding the air, the lightning bolts themselves actually produce the music.

Project Leader/Actor: Ian Charnas
Lead Engineer: Edwin Burwell
Choreographer: Jenita McGowan
Stage Manager/Actor: Zachariah Durr
Costume Designer: Alexandra Underhill
Live Music: KB & The Riptides
Dancers: Amy Compton Schulz, Hope Schultz & Nina Sarnelle

For more information on the Cleveland-based creative force behind Boltz click here.




Ingenuity Festival
East 14th and Euclid Avenue Star Plaza
Cleveland, OH 44114
United States
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  Cleveland Public Library's Brooklyn Branch has the Tri-C Robotics Camp this year and participants in the camp get to compete at the Ingenuity Festival and attend the festival for FREE.  I will make sure they know about this program!

Good to know

I attended robotics camp at the Buhl Center as a young lad in the Allegro program.  Cool beans.  Thanks Laura!