Eleisha Eagle show at Pheonix Lakewood is "NEO-Knows" Sunday treat

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 04/23/2006 - 13:15.

NEO Knows Pheonix is a great "coffee house", and the Lakewood Pheonix is unique and special, and often features live music. April 23, they featured a really terrific singer from Tennessee - now living in LA - Eleisha Eagle, whose  booming voice, authentic character, and original songs and compositions were a real treat for folks hanging out and drawn in by the perfect gift.

Sure, stuff like this happens all the time - everywhere - great local business owners go out of their way to bring culture to their communities - artists travel the world to share their talent - and fortunate folks participating in the beautiful world come across these treats all the time, if receptive, but that doesn't make finding such joys and the places where found any less special. Thus, I thank, compliment and celebrate Pheonix Coffee Lakewood and Eleisha Eagle - if you missed her today, check her out at http://www.eleishaeagle.com/


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Phoenix on Lee

Well.. the Phoenix on Lee is a pretty cool place too. First, because some awesome person (me) works there. Second, they have an open mic night too! Every Wednesday night! At the last open mic night, we had some poetry reading, someone played the sax for a while, and then xela played some tunes as well. I might do some freestyle rapping myself, but I think that that would decrease attendance significantly :).

Rap away - and let us know what's up at Phoenix

Phoenix on Lee is a great coffee house and all the Phoenix have great people working at them. I didn't know they have open mic there - keep us posted on upcoming events...