Submitted by Keith Winston on Wed, 05/19/2010 - 10:44.

                             Today I recieved a parking ticket for cleaning, and I live in a apartment building with no driveway. This building has been here for a long time in the Collinwood area, and I would think they already know poeple parked in from of the building live there. But instead I got a ticket. Now I tried to call 4 [four]  phone numbers to speak with someone about the situation and every number was a bogus answering machine, and as I listened to them they said hold on for a rep. as I let the phone ring some 20 to 25 times a voice came on and said WELCOME TO VERIZON WIRELESS and hung up. Now that's sour law and robbery.


A ticket for cleaning?


The Political Gangster

                                             And I live in a building with no place else to park and they know that. But when I called one number [on the ticket] it lead me to call another number, and another, at least four until one told me push number 8 for the operater the phone rang for a long time and said to me when it stopped ringing WELCOME TO VERIZON WIRELESS.

They used to do that in EC

They used to do that in EC - there were signs posted - I think it was for every Tuesday... I believe people had to switch which side of the street they parked on... very confusing - they would nail the workers fixing up my house. The signs are gone... I don't think the EC street cleaning machine even had water in it... probabaly broken now...

What is the idea behind municipal street cleaning... keeping the snowplow folks working during the warm months? I can see it around dirty bars with puke everywhere and perhaps downtown (should have a special local assessment for that) but on Cleveland side streets... people, machines, water and fuel wasted for that?

Yet citizens are taxed to get their trash picked up?

I'd investigate the street cleaning program in Cleveland and see how fairly it is used in the community - service or revenue generator in bleak times (e.g. inflation).

Keith - are there signs posted about street cleaning?

Disrupt IT

that always creates chaos in tremont

 there are few driveways and the street parking is already packed for residents, so when they come through with their signs its a mess.

I always just love those

I always just love those street cleaning days.

Big signs posted - no parking from 8 am to 4 pm.  You get up and move your car to the other side of the street,  a couple of hours later you hear that noisy street cleaning machine coming  - but the sign still says till 4 pm.

You go outside and think, wow they cleaned our street - then you step to the curb and you feel like a deflated balloon - the dirt, gravel, weeds and garbage is still there.  Often you think, well, maybe they're going to make another swipe - but no such luck.  It's like a bad house cleaning day - when you don't feel like sweeping the floor.  You give it a lick and promise it another.




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                                      On the morning I got the ticket, it was raining cats and dogs. Well i guess they had to wait on a rainy day because the machine didn't have any water and a way to sneak tickets on cars. SHAME!!!!! And just last night about 3;30 am the CPD was out side, two cars, and they're having a good time was louder and more disturbing than the ones they came for. I think I need to move. OH!! yes norm there were signs one with the back of it facing me when I turn on my street, and the other I needed a telescope to see way down at the other end of the street.