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 June 24th at BOZA

The 3025 LLC, owner, and Hanan Albanna, prospective tenant, appeal to establish use as a tire repair shop in a C2 Local Retail Business District; subject to the limitations under Section 343.01 the use is not permitted and first permitted in a General Retail District in accordance with the provisions under Sec-tions 343.11(b)(2)(H)(4) and as minor motor vehicle repair defined in Section 325.483; and contrary to Section 352.10, a landscape strip 4-feet wide is proposed where a width of 6-feet is required along West 25th Street and Walton Avenue, pursuant to the Cleveland Codified Ordinances. (Filed 4-17-13; no testi-mony taken.)

First postponement requested by the Councilman for additional review of the proposal.
Hello All
Please review that Councilman Cummins and the staff and Council of the SCFBC office of Detroit Shoreway CDO support the move of a illegal non zoning compliant Tire shop that currently is operating in a historic structure at 3069 West 25th Street the old Ladder Truck #5 Fire Station. Tremont West was not consulted until email concerns were sent out by me yesterday. A public meeting was held with SCFBC and Cummins on 6/19/13. TWDC was not at the table nor any of out block club leaders. SCFBC has refused to let me know if any Tremont residents were present.
This is not outreach.
Councilman Cummins office stated they would not support the shop in its present location, so why would they support it three parcels of land to the north with the same traffic congestion, logistics, but now access off of a one-way street that is used by many of the Tremont senior citizens in motorized and wheel chairs going to shop on a daily basis.
Why would anyone support a tire shop on West 25th? Why would anyone support a permanent variance to convert a retail space into such use? Why reward a operator that did not comply with zoning code or have a valid Certificate of Occupancy for over eight years?
Years ago the plan for this locations was a Art Galley being developed by the former Clark-Metro Development Corp.
West 25th needs a compete rebirth. Councilman Cummins told one of our neighborhood leaders he cannot afford to have any more vacant storefronts on West 25th so he will not go after the illegally operating strip and nightclubs on West 25th to shut them down. This is must or you will continue to promote ghetto development of pagers stores, urban stores, strip clubs, night clubs, tackle and bait stores with liquor permits, prostitution, and drug dealing.
Please review public county records that this property owner owes in back property tax.
I do not support this Variance, it is wrong for redevelopment of West 25th and its wrong to be on the doorstep of the Tremont Community.
Henry P. Senyak
Community Advocate
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3025 LLC Owner is Sam Nazmi Khaleq

PARCEL ID 008-05-014
ADDRESS 03025 W 25 ST
ZIP 44113 Field Definitions
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