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From my zoo buddy Kyle Primous, who also worked Cain Park with my sister (artists!), when we were young (oh so long ago):


The preview is this Thursday, June 19th at 8:00.  Tickets for the preview are only $10.  Tickets for opening weekend (June 20-22) are only $13 for the entire weekend (compared to $22 for the rest of the show)


The show runs Thursdays through Sundays at 8:00pm from June 19th through July 6th.  There is a replacement show on July 2nd instead of a show on July 4th, but all that is explained at the web site:



Visit the web site for more information, and come see us!!!



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Arrupe Campers

Speaking about the zoo--I was there today, to do my bike work-out on the hill (I can now make it half-way up before collapsing), and I was engulfed by Ignatius boys escorting their young city campers.  How does one enroll?

Importance of Community Theatre

  I generally scan the RSS feed for the Sun Courier, because it includes many of the communities that directly impact the Cuyahoga River. 

Brecksville's community theater has a limit on the number of kids that can be enrolled.  It is obviously a valued community asset and it's also obviously a sign of a healthy community.

 I noticed it was founded by a Jeannette Winter (not to be confused with Jeanette Winterson).  In my line of work, I run across her name a lot. 

How did a Chicago-born author/illustrator end up starting a community theater in Brecksville, OH?  If it is the same Jeannette Winter**, I would love to hear that story.  (**Update tonight--from Dan Bush--not the same Jeannette Winter, but an equally cool woman.)