Check out the Land BANK in East Cleveland $$$ Brandon King

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Congratulations Brandon King because you truly are the “LAND” King of East Cleveland and if none of the citizen are upset over you buying land and extorting the East Cleveland Library for money you are not entitled to always know that we here at are watching.  Following the vote on Tuesday to give you this house that we previously thought had not unpaid property taxes trusting that Mansell Baker had done his job are now making sure of all your future property deals.
East Cleveland Ohio City Council Meets Tuesday, January 20, 2015 at 630 PM and this house will be the first thing voted on so get there early.  The Norton Network no longer airs these meetings it was axed two years ago.
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Will Chris Ronayne FIRE Gus Frangos?!! Brandon's puppetmaster


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EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — For the second time in a year, East Cleveland's mayor is facing a recall from opponents trying to force him out of city hall.

Supporters of the recall met at Forest Hill Park to publicly outline why they believe Mayor Brandon King should be removed.