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Picked up from Mittal Steel & Your Health

Join Cleveland area doctors, nurses, and community leaders for a public hearing on the topic Wed 11/14 at 6:30PM at Tri-C’s downtown Metro campus in room CC10. Light refreshments will be served. Come to find out why 375 Cleveland area doctors and nurses have written to Cleveland’s biggest polluter, Mittal Steel, urging pollution prevention. Dr. Kathleen Fagan from University Hospital's Swetland Environmental Health Center will speak at the event paneled by Dr. Anne Wise, Kim Foreman, and Dr. Dan Brustein. For more information or ridesharing contact Liz Ilg with Ohio Citizen Action at 861-5200.

Photo of Mittal externalities at night from Broadway over 490 taken two weeks ago.

UPDATE:  I just returned from attending this meeting.  This was the most "civic" - as in regular people from the neighborhood - I have attended in several years in NEO.  Lots of people under 35 years old.   That's encouraging.    More than 100 attended including Lisa Hong, from eQuest Strategies.  Lisa and her partner David Nash work for Mittal and help "manage" the corporation's environmental issues.   Lisa told me she is “trying to help from the inside”. 
        The PD sent a reporter, Mr. Krause, and the Cleveland Health Department sent 2 representatives.   The reporter didn’t know anything about the WideOpen Blog or that it was shut down by Ms Goldberg.
I would say there is a reasonable panic in Tremont - the residents there know they are being jeopardized.  And  Mittal  is  pumping out more  nanoparticles  every year.

Rapping kids get arrested in Cleveland for too many amps blasting out of their cars, but Mittal shoots a million pounds of particulates into the neighborhood annually and, under federal “clean air” guidelines, that’s legal.


Tri C Cleveland campus
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Mittal costs NEO economy $ trillions...

My analysis says Mittal will cost the region $ trillions over the next few decades... and that is not counting past harm and the harm all the related shipping and other transportation causes our economy and environment.

The main reason I cannot support Dennis Kucinich for anything is the picture in my mind of his grandstanding to "save LTV", rather than welcome a cleaner environment for all citizens and our pursuit of a new economy.

And that is the main standard by which I will judge all future leaders, being a proven record of always being for the environment... that is my Right To Life requirement. So, before planning to run for office, folks will want to check out their ecological footprint and trackrecord to see if they will be acceptable to the new environmentalist fundamentalists... future campaign attack ads will show opposing candidates' over-watered McMansions and gas-guzzlers as signs of insanity, and they will be right.

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