DrupalCon Chicago March 7-10 2011

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Will Drupal save the WORLD, the USA or even NEO?? Find out in Chicago!


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Local Drupalistas will meet on March 19th

For a recap of the Chicago event--please go and report back here. Drupal Cleveland meets at the Carnegie* West branch of the Cleveland Public Library. More info soon:



(History on the QT: You know Carnegie was that rich guy who gave all of his money to build libraries so he could go to heaven to pay for his sins against his own employees)

I'm more a ModX man myself,

I'm more a ModX man myself, but I see the appeal.

Cleveland NORML Benjamin Morrison Executive Director

I haven't been allowed to modernize realNEO in years

I haven't been allowed to modernize realNEO in years... yet it keeps on ticking.

Drupal rocks - and WELCOME TO REALNEO Benjamin... keep us informed on NORML developments (or anything else that strikes your fancy).

See you again soon,

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