Get your Haunt On:Tour Monroe Cemetery in Ohio City

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Learn about lives cloaked in mystery and tragedy at the second annual “Meet the Neighbors” living history tour at Ohio City’s Monroe Street Cemetery, 3207 Monroe.

The second annual event to be held on Sunday, Oct. 11, at 2 p.m., is being billed as the “Crime and Punishment Edition” by the Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation.

Monroe Street Cemetery is one of the many cemeteries managed by the City of Cleveland.


Tour tickets are $15 at the cemetery on the day of the event or may be purchased in advance by sending a $15 check to:


Friends of Monroe Cemetery
3302 Hancock Street
Cleveland OH 44113


Tickets are fully tax deductible. For additional information, call Linda Litto, president of the Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation, at 961-0563.


In addition to “ghosts” of days past re-enacting tales of murders and mayhem, noted local mystery author Casey Daniels, creator of the fictional Pepper Martin mystery series, will be the featured guest to talk about the cemetery and autograph her newest novel, which will be on sale at the event.


The walking tour will begin promptly at 2 p.m. and is performed one time only. Proceeds from the event and a portion of Daniels’ book sales will be used by the Monroe Street Cemetery Foundation for preservation and enhancement of the 168-year-old cemetery. 


The cemetery is located on Monroe Street , between West 25th and Fulton Road in Ohio City, Cleveland, OH. 


This event information sent today 9/15/09 by Brooklyn Centre Community Association from write up by Paula Slimak in the Ohio City Argus


Monroe Street Cemetery
3207 Monroe
Cleveland , OH 44113
United States
Phone: 961-0563
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That’s a sad place


That’s were the crematorium should be built at the factory that is abandoned next to the cemetery. It could also be made into a mausoleum.  

Removing that factory and then that would create space for more graves and then a mausoleum and crematorium. Bodnars could relocate there, then operate there, offering full services and final resting places in a historic location.

That’s a sad place, one time we were walking though and played a game of find the oldest graves. We all began to realize that many of the graves were of children. Then most of those had dates within a certain time frame, like as if something bad happened and around the same time.   


monroe/northeast chemical

This building was built and used originally as an orpahange. Right next to the cemetary.

A crematory has no place in a residential neighborhood. Mercury in dental almagam vaporized and spreads via the emissions. Mahoney-Bodnar's is moving to a suburb to set up their crematory.

The property next to the Monroe cemetary is owned by B & B Excavating. They rented it to North East Chemical who polluted our neighborhood with toxic fumes. When there was a fire there, the fire department refused to send the firefighters in. The owners of NEC enjoyed the support of the local councilwoman at that time. Mike White and company helped us stop a lot of what was going on and we tied them up in forcing them to apply for basic permits (they had none, not even an occupancy permit), and another interest bought them out and lead them into bankruptcy with months (a planned thing ).

The site is comtaiminated . There is concern that some low level radaition stuff was stored there, and it would be expensive to clean up.


B&B has been moving a lot of stuff from their Train Ave. location to the Monroe and Fulton location, and the Train Ave. location now looks pretty empty.

Chemical Product company

 Yes--Oengus. Superfund sites are chilling...are they not? Sad, that we pay for the mess left behind by irresponsible companies.

Tour goers would not be put in harm's way, as the plant has been remediated (?) and is not directly impacting the cemetery. 

The site you refer to as the abandoned factory is the former:


I can remember the bitter fight waged by the neighborhood to close down this plant, so I doubt that your recommendation for a crematorium there would find any supporters. 

I used to think that cremation was the "green" way to go, but it looks like good ole fashioned composting is the best way for the planet.

That makes sense, a natural burial.

That makes sense, a natural burial.

What do you think will happen to that site?

Maybe a natural burial site? They can plant a sycamore on me, I think maybe a mausoleum could be a place to locate people and in the natural burial site. It might list a person as buried under a bed of asters?

It could offer a GPS coordinates and a program in your PDA could direct you to the exact location.

Oh…wow we could record our final messages and even to people specifically, like hello you still owe me money your lucky I died….


I do not see Monarch aluminum on that list, that’s on Detroit Ave it had PCB contamination, it must not rate as superfund. It is frustrating all the contamination and then all the politic around that, you know “is it really bad” and then “is it really cleaned up” …and “how safe is safe” ?

I think what they do is just get the part per million lowered, then it is only safe for certain things. I think a natural burial ground would be safe, just visiting would be safe if the site had acceptable remediation conducted.

In the county records the

In the county records the address of 3301 Monroe has not traded hands since 1983. It shows that it is owned by a Brandon Partners. It has $70,000.00 in past do taxes.

Parcel 007-14-002



When you enter the parcel number 007-14-003, which I would think is the parcel directly west of 3301…and the corner of Monroe and Fulton nothing comes up?

The county never has any descriptions of the commercial properties…no size of the parcel. So its difficult to determine for certain if 3301 Monroe is the entire site or not.

That site is huge comparing it to the size of the cemetery, it is about one half of the size of the cemetery. If the land was added to the cemetery it would increase it by 33% in size. The number of grave sites that could be added to the existing cemetery would be equal to half the number in the current cemetery.

I am not sure why B&B would be in there and if they own it that is not recorded? It makes me think something is not correct? According to the records, they have no rights to it, unless they have been contracted to do work there?

The factory was owned in 1980 by American Can Company they sold the site for $535,000.00 to BBP inc. Then BBP inc. quick claimed the property to Brandon Partners in 1983. According to the county recorder Brandon Partners owns it and all the liability and past due taxes.

If a natural burial site was added to Monroe Cemetary, then those plots and the relative preparation and maintenance can be sold. Mom could be set under a patch of for-get-me-not’s.

The information from the Ohio EPA on OHD980681571

The information from the Ohio EPA on OHD980681571  has the owners address at 5801 TRAIN AVE and that is B&B isn’t it.

How does that work? Who is TBN HOLDINGS INC? They are listed as the parent organization? DUNS# 618096994.…does anyone know a free site to look that up?

Not Good


Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest, these holding companies owning the sites that are contaminated? If they are the one that get the money to clean them up, they get paid to clean them up, what do they do just hold them? Waiting for the funding? The conflict is in who would get the bid to clean it up? The owner? Then if it is it the best price or the only price?

I think that our local contractors are riddled in potential instances of anti-trust.

Not Good

The site was accessed in 1989 and that’s about it, the site had been identified for corrective action the final remedy (unknown) the solution (unknown). Is human exposure under control (unknown), is there migration into ground water (unknown).

The EPA has not drawn up a corrective action plan….all they have done it seems is say yes this site is a hazard.  


IS B & B. the layers of corporations to protect the interest and escape liabilty.

It's not very clear

It could be more of a custodial role rather that an actual owner, and explain why taxes are, or as it seems, not being paid.

I'm not 100% sure, but the whole LLC, parent and subsidiary chains are to avoid divert and distract.

It’s really not right to say it would be expensive to clean it up when it really has not even been determined what needs to be done to clean it up. The EPA has not developed and action plan, when that happens if ever…then would the “owner” get the contract to do it? I would bet in this case the holding company is holding out for that day. The holding company is affiliated with contractors that bid on these projects.

It really would not be fair to make them pay taxes on a site that is contaminated. If they were not the party that did the actual contamination. They are listed as the “owner” within the EPA records but not in the county records.

I think that really should be all linked, in the sense of information, disclosed and more clearly detailed.