Gray's Auctioneers: Preview for May 2 Auction, Fine Art, Antiques and Decorations

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Gray's Auctioneers will be holding an auction this Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 1 pm (please see the link for the catalog. Auction preview dates and times are as follows:  Thursday April 30,  12pm - 8pm, Friday May 1, 12 pm - 7pm and last minute preview May 2, 11:30 am - 1pm.


Gray's Auctioneers
10717 Detroit Ave
Cleveland, OH 44102
United States
Phone: 216-458-7695

Cool Event

I'm going to try to get there! 

Very cool

Nice.  I'll try to make it as well.

Streetcar streets

  Gray's Auctioneers is located on Detroit Ave. in lovely Cleveland, Ohio.  In many ways, Detroit Ave. is one of the last true experiences of the kind of neighborhood that survived and thrived along an urban thoroughfare.   It's fun to get on and get off the bus stopping to visit a store or a restaurant or a gallery along the way.

Today, after enduring gentle dental torture in Lakewood, I strolled down Detroit and observed a high school class on an architectural tour, and ducked into Plantation Home for the solace of quiet and tranquility offered by fine things.  Scott Hannah, the manager/designer there, carries the most fragrant candles in the world, made in the USA by  The scent of lavender is so healing.  I cradled my candle and caught the bus that would take me home.  We passed Arabica, we passed Halal Grocery, we passed Gypsy Beans, the Harp, Minh-Anh restaurant and so many great places to stop and while away the time on a Saturday afternoon.  I wanted to stop, but the painkillers were wearing off.  I must make the time on another day.

There are many sights to see along Detroit Ave. in Cleveland.  Take the bus tomorrow, live a little, and visit Gray's Auctioneers. 

Lively streetscapes

The Bus Stops Here from Qian Li on Vimeo.

  I continue to marvel that, for once, we have not allowed planners to destroy the organic process of city living that occurs along a street--Detroit Ave. is one of the few remaining streetscapes that survives in NEO.  We must not continue to destroy the vestiges of streetcar streetscapes that exist in our community.  Get on the bus people and out of your cars. Credit to for the link: