Green Jobs Rally

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April 22 2008 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the Great Lakes Science Center

Rally & Sign Petitions for Green Manufacturing Jobs in Ohio!

If you can't attend, please visit to sign the petition on-line to help secure and retain Wind Turbine Manufacturing Jobs in Ohio.

T-Shirts are available for a donation at the event and on-line. 

Did you know?
> Wind power provides the most cost effective, non-polluting renewable energy source
>  Ohio is ranked 2nd (behind California ) in wind manufacturing capacity*
> Northeast Ohio could gain 12,000 new Wind Turbine Jobs*
> Investment in Wind Turbine Manufacturing will help secure over 80,000 Ohio jobs currently in the wind industry.*

* 2004 REPP Report

 Every success story begins with a simple idea...this is one of our 10,000 ideas suggested by people like you. 

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Great Lakes Science Center Cleveland, OH
United States
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