Ed Hauser - Constantly Kicking Ass (in My Mind)

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 07/13/2010 - 20:28.

ed hauser at Ingenuity Fest with whiskey island display image jeff buster about 2008

There are very few days which go by in Cleveland when I don't feel Ed is Kicking Ass.

Cleveland Port Authority has passed Mr. Wasserman down the line, E55 St Port move is history, Eaton isn't stealing the lakefront on the East side of the Cuyahoga, and the Coast Guard Station might actually be getting a roof!

So a number of  the directions Ed was striving towards are becoming closer....

But who is attending the meetings and getting in Mr. Hagan's craw?  With economic times tougher than ever, who - like Ed did - will be the citizen's eyes and ears?


Ed is an inspiration...so in my mind he continues to KICK ASS!

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"Cleveland Needs 1000 Citizen Hausers"

"Cleveland Needs 1000 Citizen Hausers" - Norm Krumholz

But Ed is always with us.

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