Last day for public testimony on AMP-OH

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On Wednesday, January 16,  Stephanie Spears testified at the Cleveland City Council Public Utilities Committee's PURPA Hearing.

More than 16 people testified asking Cleveland City Council Public Utilities Committee to cancel, or at the very least, delay their vote on whether or not to allow Cleveland Public Power (CPP) to sign a 50 year contract to buy power from the American Municipal Power of Ohio's (AMP-OH) proposed 1,000-megawatt conventional pulverized coal powered plant to be located in Letart Falls in Meigs County Ohio.

The deadline for Council to decide is March 1, 2008. The next time for the public to comment in front of Council is set for Friday, February 22.**

**Councilman Cummins is doing his RESEARCH/he just renewed his library books--

Are you???


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