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has ended and we're in! Nice work ! Round 2 is Tuesday March 19 10am-10pm.


A symposium where tourism meets social media

Social media have transformed the way we live, travel and communicate. For the tourism industry, this has created tremendous opportunity to connect with travellers in a personal and engaging way. If you work in tourism or are simply a tourism geek, then the #SoMeT13AU and #SoMeT13US conferences are for you!

Presented by Think! Social Media, an agency passionate about tourism marketing, the 2013 Social Media Tourism Symposia are the only conferences of their kind. SoMeT, as the community calls it, provides an opportunity for destination marketing organizations, hotels, resorts, attractions and any other tourism-related entities to share ideas and learn how to leverage social media within the tourism industry. The conferences are inherently social, enabling participants to connect with hundreds of professionals from across the tourism industry. Come, connect, share and learn!

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Social Media can TRANSFORM

REALNEO has stood the test of time because there is content here that can change the way we do business here in NEO.  


Speak UP.  And, while you're at it REALLY put US under the microscope.  Host the Social Media Tourism Symposium here in CLE!  Let others SEE our city and let us know what we can do better.  We can do a lot better.  


Fortunately, there are folks here who are using social media to make change!


VOTE NOW - here : 

Phony Social Media in Cleveland

 The tweets related to Cle I see at 


are from the Downtown Cleveland Alliance and from Positively Cleveland - both phony big business "tourism" lobby outfits with hired "social media" publicists -IMHO .   These are the lobbies that get the homeless out of view in Public Square.

Is co-opting honest social media  the goal?

Control freaks

The truth does come out....eventually.  They tried to kill REALNEO and tried to ignore FB, Twitter etc.  The media is slow to understand viral messaging.  It will be our salvation (I hope).  We can not pretend for ever.  Postively CLE isn't all evil.  We do have to market ourselves in life.  All of us. We can do better.  I hope CLE wins.  It is encouraging to see that we are a "tuned" in City.  I am not always a pessimist :)

(AND I am at HOME :)

Hello Control FREAKS!-- READ this :

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