Parade the Circle event posting

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06/10/2006 - 11:00
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Parade the Circle at Wade oval will feature international and national guest artists along with dozens of Northeast Ohio artists and community groups. Activities include entertainment and food.

for detail, maps and direction: or (216) 707-5033


Wade Oval
University Circle
Cleveland, OH
United States

The Digital Photo Sig Will Take Pictures This Event

Parade the Circle Brochure

The Digital Phography SIG of he Greater Cleveland PC Users Group will to a photo field trip taking pictures at the Parade the Circle event, this Saturday and then we will show our photos the following Thursday at the regularly scheduled meeting.

Parade the circle is a vibrant parade and spirited celebration with food and entertainment. Photographers can have a field day and that's exactly what we plan to do. For a complete schedule, download the PDF brochure here. Arrive when you want. Photograph what you want. Just take some pictures! Entertainment starts at 11 a.m. The parade starts at noon.

6/15/06, Thursday: At the next meeting of the Digital Photography Special Interest Group at 6:30 p.m., we will share and critique photographs taken at Parade the Circle.  For more info on the meeting, visit here:

I'll be there to enjoy and share Parade the Circle

Great idea, Charles - I'd love an image gallery for the SIG photos (how do we join the SIG) and any others from parade the circle... considering the 1,000s of people who make this event possible and attend each year - there are probably 1,000,000+ photos taken per year - I'd love to see some of the most interesting... if you google parade the circle, there aren't many good photos online from the past (except on some individual blogs and commercial sites) so this would provide a useful service not provided today

Enjoy the Parade

I would love to be there, but we have our final Gestalt Weekend Course session Saturday from 8 to 6. And unfortunately we'll be confined to the institute for lunch.  I am so tempted to sneak away on break!   The blend of entertainment, food, and nonprofit representation should really make for a rich and diverse celebration of all UC has to offer. 

Great to hear the RealNEO team will be representing !