Patmon opposes CC Port relocation - press conference

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News from Dike 14:

Dear Friends of Dike 14 NPC - Bill Patmon, candidate for Mayor of Cleveland, has scheduled a press briefing tomorrow, Monday, August 31st, at 12:30 p.m., at the northeast corner of the Cleveland Lakefront State Park at E. 55th Street (see attached map).
We have been informed that he is prepared to strongly oppose the Port's planned move to E. 55th St. --- See the Press release below sent to us by his staff.
While the Dike 14 NPC has not agreed to attend this event officially, ANY INDIVIDUAL who is interested in supporting this position (the first by any local public official or candidate) is welcome, and urged, to attend.
If you do attend, you do not need to speak, and you do not need to endorse in any way the candidacy for mayor of Mr. Patmon (unless you choose to do so). We applaud Mr. Patmon's courage to speak out on this important issue. 
Bill Gruber
For Immediate Release Sunday, August 30, 2009
CLEVELAND -- A coalition representing environmentalists, civic organizations, maritime interests, and community and residential groups will meet with  Cleveland mayoral candidate Bill Patmon Monday to hear his plans for a concerted strategy to stop the planned $1 billion relocation of the Port of Cleveland to the E. 55th – E. 72nd area of Cleveland’s lakefront.


The news conference will be held at the northeastern-most point of the E. 55th Street marina, within view of the environmentally sensitive wildlife sanctuary on Dike 14, the lakefront state park and marinas, Quay 55, and other potentially impacted areas.


Interested media will have an opportunity for an up-close view of the unique features that will be negatively affected by the planned 200-acre industrial development.

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