PopUpCity at East Bank of Flats

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Terry Schwarz who brought us The Incredible Shrinking City mind expanding plan reimagining work now brings us this cool series. This event will be a sort of "get it while you can" for those of us who will lament the loss of those memories of the Flats Eastbank from back in the day (I have my own sordid memories of those streets from the 80s and 90s which I will keep archived).

There's an older bio of Terry here (scroll down). I can't wait for the CUDC site to be updated. Can you find Christopher Diehl there? I can't. Still, this is a very helpful site for those looking for bright ideas on the possibilities in our region.

Learn more about PopUpCity.

A pop up experience with food, fun, and spectacle in the Flats East Bank.

Food vendors Ideally, some of the restaurants that will be part of the Flats East Bank development will set up stands and sell food and drinks. Pig roast and/or oil drum barbecues. Grilling meat will add warmth and protein to the evening.

Ice skating If the weather is cold enough in the days leading up to the event, we will flood part of the Flats East Bank site for skating. If the weather is too warm, the rink area will become a pond for toy boat races. Open snowboarding and competition on rails, boxes, and ramps set up for the night.

Video game competitions Large-scale video games (Rock Band, etc.) projected on a blank building wall at the southern end of the site. (Vertical Sound for audio/projection equipment) Snowsuit fashion show and the crowning of Miss Leap Night.

Snow installation The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative and local artists will create a temporary snow environment as a setting for the event, using ice blocks and snow that will be stockpiled on the site in January and February. The snow installation will be constructed during the last week of February, generating interest and publicity in the days leading up to the event.

Central bonfire and/or a series of trash can fires at the river’s edge to provide light and warmth. Dead Christmas tree forest Old Christmas trees will be stockpiled and used to landscape the site for the event; trees will be harvested throughout the night to fuel the bonfire(s). The Christmas tree forest will be populated by polar bears (actually people in polar bear costumes) who will hand out snacks and deliver trees to the bonfire(s).

SAFMOD Cleveland’s multi-media performance ensemble will create a special fire performance for the event.

Safety Fire truck and ambulance on site; off-duty police officers will provide security.

Access Participants will be encouraged to ride the Waterfront Line to the event; snacks and mittens will be provided at the East Bank Station.

Weather If the weather is unseasonably warm at the end of February, we will cancel the snow machine and have sand delivered to the site; the event becomes a beach barbecue.


Flats East Bank
Old River Road
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Burning Bears?

I do hope the bear suits will be made of flame proof fabric.


Cleveland's Beach

  Actually, my itinerary changed so maybe this is a possibility, afterall.  Just a matter of moving an inert body. 

Who is going to Pop Up City?

I just drove by the site and it is getting interesting... stopped by Gypsy Beans and learned they will be there with food and hot coffee... so who is planning to go down for this????? Evelyn, Claes and I plan to pop in! Hope to see you!

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