Press Release: Custom Papers Firm Protects Staff via Fire Safety Tools

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THE administrators of prime custom papers provider BestEssays.Com took the time and initiative to help protect their employees by installing better fire protection equipments at the company’s premises recently.

BestEssays.Com tapped a fire protection equipment company for a consultation as well as installation of customized protection systems which comprised of pre-engineered and engineered fire systems, fire extinguishers, duct cleaning, fire extinguisher cabinets, brass and fire department connections as well as exit and emergency lighting.

The fire protection equipment company pinpointed essay papers purveyor’s exact needs to help it contain fire hazards before firemen arrive, should a worst-case scenario comes out in the open.

Not long after the entire vicinity of BestEssays.Com’s headquarters at Reston, in Virginia, had gotten up to code and kept in shape with the fire protection equipment agency’s maintenance program, fire safety training had also been given to all of the writing service’s personnel.

BestEssays.Com also gave its employees a checklist of questions—to help its administrators guarantee that all the workers are totally aware of the firm’s rules and regulations to stop and diminish fire hazards.

“If our workplace gets burned and if our employees get injured, our business establishment would terribly suffer. We don’t want it to happen. As the cliché goes, an ounce of prevention is worth than a pound of cure. We don’t want our employees, like the writers of our custom essays for example, get hurt,” Jason Allison, one of the company’s trustees, said.     

Lakeesha Harris, custom papers writer at BestEssays.Com for more than half a decade now, lauded the management and said: “I salute our admin for their efforts to make us aware of fire safety precautions… I suggest that they include these things in the company’s new employee induction procedure as well.”     

Another essay papers writer at Bestessays.Com, Horacio Griffin, remarked: “Putting in place fire safety equipments here at the office and giving of fire safety training materials give us [employees] a feeling of self-assurance. I think we can work much better.”

The instatement of fire safety tools and providing of training is actually BestEssays.Com’s way of giving its people peace of mind as they perform their duties and responsibilities.  

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  Welcome to RealNEO, but please make your intentions more transparent.  Ghostwriting is an intriguing and controversial academic topic. 

I think that it is a valid profession, but your writers should be credited, where credit is due, and students, especially, should not be given license to present pregurgitated material as their own.  The irony comes about when their professors do the same thing and get away with it.

why bother?

why bother paying tons of money for an "education"? When you are handed your diploma you are as uneducated as when you went in?

hmmmmm.... maybe this is a problem manifesting in society today....diploma but no brains... actually - that answers a LOT of questions.


This is spam, spam, spam, but why would B.(est) E.(ssays) choose to relate their site to fire safety?

Spamdexing (also known as search spam or search engine spam) involves a number of methods, such as repeating unrelated phrases, to manipulate the relevancy or prominence of resources indexed by a search engine, in a manner inconsistent with the purpose of the indexing system.

-- Spamdexing on Wikipedia

Maybe a competing company posted this in an attempt to befuddle Google as to what B.E. is about? I doubt it, though -- they used the terms you'd expect B.E. would want as the linked words.

I called B.E. at the number offered on their site (866-313-4362) to ask if this was part of their marketing campaign. The first rep said she couldn't help me, but begrudgingly passed me along to another. The second said that Brady Byrne is not part of B.E., and that he couldn't help me either. The third rep I with whom I spoke, (Alex,) actually made some attempt to help me, (I'm naive to think,) and assured me that this was not part of B.E.'s advertising. She said she'd speak with their marketing dept and call me back. We'll see.

I've added rel="nofollow" attributes to the links in Mr. Byrne's post, to prevent them from being indexed by Google. If the the author wants to change these back, he currently can.


Since this is not an event at all, I've reduced its duration to one hour (instead of one year,) so it no longer shows up on the upcoming events calendar.